Big Brother 12 Episode 27

Following his HOH win in Big Brother 12 Episode 26, Hayden nominated Britney and Lane.

No matter how much the jury hates her or how much Lane would side with her before the Brigade (again), Britney is still the target this week.

It’s time for the most important power of veto competition of the season. Dun dun dun. History tells us it’s some sort of memory competition. They are given 8 clues on the top and 8 on the bottom, and they will have to match the faces on the double-sided movie posters to the clues. Hayden’s matching up the clues as he puts the posters up. Britney plans to lay out all the clues first and then put them up. Lane is thoroughly clueless. Enzo is just tossing up random posters without a great deal of regard to whether they’re correct. With his first guess, Enzo has 5 wrong. However, with his first try, Hayden gets all 8 correct and wins veto.

I can’t imagine what he would hope to gain by changing the nominations.

Julie tells us that all secrets eventually come out. Like the day 2 alliance that’s been hidden all summer, in spite of the fact that Kristen told the rest of these idiots about it weeks ago. Enzo and Hayden would like to reveal their alliance, but Lane doesn’t like it because that’s a vote that may be angry with him. That’s what he gets for playing both sides. He has a choice. Reveal it tonight or wait until tomorrow. Might as well let her sleep on it. With the cat out of the bag, Britney realizes she’s going home.

Hayden opts to not use the power of veto, leaving the nominations the same, and giving Enzo the sole vote for eviction.

Enzo: Britney

By a vote of 1-0, Britney has been evicted from the Big Brother house. Her initial overreaction aside, Britney says she does not harbor any ill feelings to the guys, who she never suspected because she thought she was working with them all along. They each offer up their apologies for duping her in their closing remarks.

America is granted the opportunity to vote for their favorite houseguest to win $25,000. This vote can include those who did not make the jury (who have no chance anyway), as well as those still left in the house.

The last HOH competition of the season begins with an endurance round. They’ll have to hang there the longest… while being lowered and smashing into walls. Of course, it’s never as simple as it first seems. Between the two walls is a waterfall.

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