Big Brother 12 Episode 26

Ragan was voted out in Big Brother 12 Episode 25, and we left off at the start of a competition for HOH in which the contestants have to decorate their tree with 18 ornaments and a star on top.

Britney’s dropping everything. Enzo has a different strategy of taking forever so that he doesn’t drop anything. With those two running behind him, this is Hayden’s competition to lose. As much drama as they make an effort to create, Hayden’s got a lead of 4 or 5 the whole way through. Since they’re only going to 18, that’s a pretty huge lead. Hayden wins HOH.

Lane’s not too thrilled about the HOH results. He would have preferred Britney as the winner.

Obviously, Britney is the first nomination. Now it’s just a question of who goes up against her. Turnabout is fair play. Lane needs to be nominated after last week. His loyalty to Britney should cause the other members of his alliance some concern.

Now it’s time for the weekly crying tantrum. Britney had her chance, just like Ragan. They had plenty of opportunity to break this up, but they chose to just let it keep going. I’m amazed everybody was so stupid to let them get this far. I expected this alliance to implode in week two or three.

They see a pig outside. It’s a luxury competition for $10,000. Each player will be granted 90 seconds to hide a coin, and then everybody will search for the others’ coins. Enzo hides his behind a wall decoration. Hayden hides his in the bottom of a closed cereal box while leaving the top sealed. Lane places his underneath the recycling bin. Britney places hers in an empty cereal box in the garbage. Then everybody races inside to tear the house apart.

Hayden goes for the trash, as Britney promptly loses her poker face, but he takes it outside to dump it out, leaving it out there without finding anything. This should throw the scent off Britney. He even later helps her out by saying to the others he already looked through the trash, which seems good enough for them. Enzo discovers Hayden’s coin first. Lane and Enzo are both looking around theirs to pretend there’s nothing around the area. Britney discovers Enzo’s coin. After checking the recycle bin at least 10 times, Britney finds Lane’s coin. Hayden certainly did her a favor at the beginning by removing her evidence from the house, and Britney wins the $10,000. I don’t think she really needs a bigger target, not that she wasn’t already the person they were trying to get rid of anyway.

Enzo and Hayden pose the possibility of getting rid of Lane. That way they’d be able to guarantee each other final two.

Enzo is safe.

Britney and Lane have been nominated for eviction. Lane’s hope is to win the veto, take himself off the block, and send Enzo home.

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