Big Brother 12 Episode 25

Enzo finally won something in Big Brother 12 Episode 24, leading to Lane’s dull decision of keeping Britney safe and using Hayden as the pawn.

Ragan is not ready to lay down and die. Unfortunately. He hopes to get Britney on his side and then get Lane to keep him around in the tiebreaker. Britney says he’s got some good points, but it’s really not overly relevant what she does. It’s up to Lane. His argument to Lane is that he hasn’t done anything yet, so his best move is to make a big bold move that stabs his three alliance members in the back, potentially throwing away half the votes anyway. I’m not sure how much sense making a move just for the sake of being able to say you did something makes.

We take a visit to the jury house. Haven’t seen that in a while. Kathy joins Rachel. Then Matt joins them, and neither of them want to see him, although they’re happy he’s been evicted. They all agree they hate Britney, which is a good reason for Lane to want to keep her in the house. These three are joined by Brendon. Oh yeah, Matt forgot to mention that there was a double eviction. And by the way, his wife’s not really sick. The women walk out of the room, treating him as if he’s evil.

Lane wants to bring Britney with him to the end, but his second choice is Hayden. He doesn’t want to be anywhere near Enzo in the finals. His lackluster gameplay aside, Enzo’s apparently played a great social game.

Enzo: Ragan
Britney: Ragan

By a vote of 2-0, Ragan has been evicted from the Big Brother house. He says they made a mistake by getting rid of him. He also says that if they kept him he would have won. Hmm.

Christmas has come early. The goal of this HOH competition is to be the first to decorate the Christmas tree, moving the ornaments on the other side of a fence up little by little and placing them on the tree. Britney’s dropping/breaking everything. Hayden is the first to place an ornament. It’s looking like this could take a while. Any time that happens, we know it’s going to get even more difficult. There’s a snowstorm on the way.

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