Big Brother 12 Episode 24

Lane won HOH in Big Brother 12 Episode 23, forcing him to choose between nominating a Brigade member or Britney as a pawn against Ragan. He chose Brigade member Enzo.

Enzo’s suspicious that Lane and Britney are in an alliance.

Ragan is whining about how he’s all alone. Oh, this storyline again.

Following his week of fun, Enzo can now stop wearing his penguin outfit. He has broken the curse of the person in the ridiculous outfit getting evicted.

The veto competition is hosted by a stupid singing clam. There are CDs spread throughout the yard that must be gathered with the combined names of the houseguests in question in each round, with the slowest person to return the correct answer being eliminated. It’s bad enough we have to listen to names like Brenchel. Now we have to listen to all the houseguests’ names mashed together. In a close dash, Ragan is last, but Lane is incorrect and is eliminated. Hayden is eliminated in round 2. Britney is eliminated in the next round, dashing Lane’s hopes of the nominations staying the same. Both Ragan and Enzo know where the final CD is, leading to a no holds barred battle for it. Enzo grabs the disc and wins the power of veto. This is new.

Cue more whining from Ragan.

Punishment #2 for Lane’s Pandora’s box is the use of sock puppets while they speak for 12 hours. If they fail to comply, they will all become have nots. Ragan’s puppet is now his only friend. This gets more and more pitiful. Meanwhile, Enzo’s puppet is getting a censor over its mouth.

Kathy and Brendon did all the cleaning in the house, so now they’re left with a big mess. If it were me, I’d become a neat freak. It’s not like they have anything else to do. The show’s whole torture concept is to leave them with nothing to do but recycle the same stories they’ve told each other a few dozen times.

Punishment #3 is to boogie for the next 12 hours every time they hear music. Not music that anybody knows because that would require the producers to pay for the licensing fees, which we know they’re too cheap to do. Even Happy Birthday is a no-no.

Lane asks Hayden whether he’s okay with going up. He doesn’t trust them to keep Britney around.

Britney threatens Lane. If he puts her on the block, things might change between them.

At the veto ceremony, Enzo uses the veto on himself. In his place goes Hayden. So that’s where his loyalties really lie. He’d rather be sitting up against Britney in the final two.

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