Big Brother 12 Episode 23

Big Brother 12 Episode 22 was a double eviction night. First, Matt was sent home, one week after saving himself with the diamond power of veto. Following him out the door was Brendon, who they’ve been repeatedly and boringly trying to get rid of week after week after week for two months.

Enzo makes his goal clear. If he wins, he’s putting up Britney and Ragan. That is if he wins. As we all know, Enzo’s come pretty close to last in every competition. On the other hand, Lane is not real clear who his pawn will be, whether it will be Britney or one of his Brigade members. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter since he is the tiebreaker. Just as long as two Brigade members don’t end up there against each other, which should only be an option if Britney wins the veto and saves Ragan. With that said, not nominating Britney as a pawn would be stupid.

The HOH competition is cards, only not really. It’s really a ball rolling game in which they must land balls on two cards that add up to blackjack, while avoiding the other 10 cards. Lane gets a perfect score on the first round. Ragan gets blackjack in three shots. Britney scores only 11 in her five shots. Enzo gets 21 in four shots, which eliminates Britney. Ragan scores 11 to start the second round. Enzo, who performed competently the first time around, is a disaster in round 2, not scoring anything. All Lane has to do is score something, which he does, eliminating Enzo as usual. Ragan says he’s intimidated because Lane is very athletic. Uh, it’s rolling a ball down a ramp, not an arm wrestling competition. Lane hits 21 in 5 shots in the final round. Ragan will have to do the same in 4 shots or less, but he only scores 11. Lane is the new HOH.

Hayden’s fine with whatever decision Lane makes, as long as it’s not him on the block.

Lane claims that all he does all day for work is take people out golfing and dines them. This is news to Hayden, who thought Lane worked on the oil fields drilling for oil. As smart things to say, this is not one of them. Anybody basing their vote on money isn’t going to go with somebody who says he’s already on easy street.

When he walks into his HOH room, Lane is greeted by Pandora’s box. He is shown a money tree, with over $10,000 hanging on it. Like everybody else, he opens the box. Once inside, he must select up to three cash envelopes. For each cash prize he takes, one punishment will be inflicted on each member of the house, including himself. The first envelope contains $79. The second envelope contains $12. The third envelope contains 17 cents, for a grand total of $91.17. Well, that was pointless.

So now they get three punishments. Punishment #1 is the removal of all silverware and cups from the house for the week.

Lane wants to clarify something with Britney. Would she take Ragan off the block? She says no. We’ve seen that her word is meaningless, although perhaps Lane can trust her more than Brendon could. During this conversation, he says he’s thinking about putting up Enzo. However, there’s no way he’s putting up Hayden. Knowing that, maybe she will use the veto on Ragan.

Britney is safe.
Hayden is safe.

Ragan and Enzo have been nominated for eviction. If Britney wins veto and gets wind of the Brigade alliance, she can take Ragan off the block and send one of them packing.

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