Big Brother 12 Episode 22

Brendon won the power of veto to remove himself from the block in Big Brother 12 Episode 21, and in his place went Matt, the guy who believes he’s playing the whole house. Tonight is a special double eviction episode in which two people will be sent home.

Ragan says Matt’s betrayal has woken him up. So is he going to start playing for a change?

When Matt asks Britney why Ragan’s so upset with him, she plays dumb, but not very convincingly. Matt now realizes that the one vote he thought was a sure thing no longer is. So Matt goes to Ragan and tells him that people think he was campaiging for Matt to stay last week, or at least that’s how Ragan took it so that’s what I’m going with. Ragan goes out in the backyard to try to defend this. In the process, Hayden and Enzo say they decided to split the votes last week, leading Ragan to discover the Brigade alliance. Kudos to Ragan for figuring it out. Only took you two months, and just three weeks after Kristen told you about it.

Matt’s new hope is that he can tell his non-Enzo allies to keep him around so that he can control Ragan and get him to nominate Britney and Brendon.

Brendon: Matt
Hayden: Matt
Ragan: Matt
Lane: Matt

By a vote of 4-0, Matt has been evicted from the Big Brother house. I give him credit for playing hard (even if he never was the mastermind he viewed himself as), but he did himself in by playing too hard.

The HOH competition will have the houseguests digging through packing peanuts for two names. The question is: which two houseguests have held the title of HOH twice? Rachel and Matt. Well, I thought the competition would continue with multiple rounds after that (who really listens to Julie?), but apparently it’s one and done. Hayden wins HOH with a good strategy of finding both the names, delivering one, then running right back with the other.

At the top of the show, Hayden made it clear his target here is Ragan, so it’s a matter of promptly choosing a pawn, or so Brendon’s told. Brendon and Ragan have been nominated for eviction. He says he’s keeping his promise to Britney to not nominate her or Lane, and there’s no way he’s getting rid of his buddy Enzo. This is new. Brendon’s not the target for the first time this season? Yeah, that was getting old.

Since we are down to six, everybody will participate in the veto competition. This competition is before or after. Everybody gets the first question right. And the second question. On the third question, somebody finally is incorrect, that being Enzo. Brendon is eliminated next. Britney is the next to go. As the only one to get the next question right, Ragan wins the power of veto. There goes that plan.

Ragan uses the power of veto to save himself. Then he does an impression of Janelle, a player who I was sure everybody would have forgotten by now. Britney goes up in Ragan’s place, confident she has the votes to stay.

Enzo: Brendon
Ragan: Brendon
Lane: Brendon

By a vote of 3-0, Brendon has been evicted from the Big Brother house. They finally got him, without even trying. At least somebody else can finally be nominated now. That should mix things up a bit. With two weeks left in the season.

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