Big Brother 12 Episode 21

In a dose of tedious repetitiveness, Britney nominated Brendon in Big Brother 12 Episode 20. Since three people told her to put Matt on the block alongside him, she of course made Enzo the second target.

Brendon thinks Rachel would be really upset that Britney stabbed him in the back. Oh geez. Dude, can you play for yourself for a change? I’m bored by this storyline.

Britney tells Enzo he’s safe, which Enzo knows not to trust. Brendon’s proof of just what her word is worth.

In spite of the nominations, Hayden still wants to get rid of Matt this week. If she won’t listen to anybody else, maybe she will listen to Lane. Lane’s pitch is that they have to get rid of one of the pairs, whereas Brendon’s partner is already gone, making him less of a target.

It’s time to pick players for the veto competition.

Britney chooses Matt as houseguest’s choice.
Brendon chooses Lane at random.
Enzo chooses Hayden at random.

They head outside to the BB Zoo. They each start with 50 points and will be made 10 offers of either a prize or a punishment, trading points accordingly. Whoever finishes with the highest number of points will win the power of veto. Whoever wants this the most shall have it.

Who is willing to take a chum bath every hour for 24 hours for 5 points?

Who is willing to handcuff themselves to the houseguest of their choice for 24 hours for 7 points?
Brendon. He wants to be handcuffed to Britney. Awesome. She’s angry. Even better.

Who will give up 6 points for a phone call from home?

Who is willing to be a have not for the next three weeks for 11 points?

Shave your head (guy) or dye your hair pink (girl) for the rest of the summer for 6 veto points?

Who is willing to wear a penguin outfit for one week for 10 points?

Who will give up 11 points for a Hawaiian vacation for two? Don’t bother. Every day’s a blackout date.

Who will give up 8 points for a have not pass for the summer?
No takers. This is a prize everybody would know for sure you got.

How many points will you give up for $5,000? It’s a trap.
Hayden: 25 points.

Who is willing to give all their clothes (besides the ones they’re wearing) to charity for 13 veto points?
Enzo. At least he’s got a penguin outfit to wear.

Enzo came to play, but it was not enough to overcome Brendon’s willingness to take a chum bath, be handcuffed to Britney, shave his head, and be a have not, which makes Brendon the power of veto winner. Hayden, meanwhile, was just in it for prizes. Britney’s mad at everybody. I don’t see her taking any punishments to fight for her cause.

Lane admits to winning the phone call. They assume Matt won the other prizes.

Lane goes upstairs to chat with Britney, hoping to convince her to get rid of Matt. Whatever happens, he’s willing to eliminate her to get what he wants. His loyalty is with the Brigade (Matt notwithstanding).

Pandora’s box is back. Matt got the diamond power of veto that kept him in the game, while Brendon got a day outside the house. Keeping in line with the declining value of this prize, Britney will get one hour of advice from a houseguest from a previous season. At this pace, the next time will be some dinosaur stickers. Britney opens the box. Inside she finds Jesse. As useful houseguests to speak to go… he’s not one of them. Not that it matters. He’s only there to pose some and give her advice about how she could look like him.

For their prize, the rest of the house gets a margarita party. Yeah, Jesse’s considered a punishment.

As if she hasn’t had enough fun for one day having been trapped with Jesse for an hour, Britney will now be chained to Brendon for 24 hours. To add to that, he has to take a chum bath every hour for the next 24 hours, meaning she’s going to have to smell that and not get any sleep.

Britney doesn’t want to put up her buddy Lane, and she doesn’t think it’s right to put up Ragan because he didn’t get a chance to play. That brings her down to Matt or Hayden. With that said, Matt has decided now to stab Ragan in the back and try to get him nominated. This will just serve as further ammo that he’s playing his own game against all sides.

At the veto ceremony, Brendon removes himself from the block. The replacement nominee is Matt. Even though he doesn’t realize it, he’s out of the Brigade, and Ragan’s upset that he was stabbed in the back. Who’s the big dummy now?

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