Big Brother 12 Episode 20

Matt’s diamond power of veto gave us the dullest eviction of the season in Big Brother 12 Episode 19, as Kathy was evicted from the house. After that, Britney won HOH. So basically we can expect to continue this predictable season with Brendon’s nomination.

Two hours before eviction, Hayden and Enzo told Matt they were getting rid of him. Unlike Lane and Matt, what these two have failed to do is establish side alliances that can carry them through the game and give them votes at the end, and now they’ve pretty well blown up their main alliance as well.

Following Britney’s HOH win, Brendon feels confident she will hold true to their deal. What has she done so far in this game that would lead him to believe that? His pitch to her is that if she goes back on the deal, he can’t trust her (again), and he’ll nominate her next week. Then he tells her Matt and Ragan threw her under the bus last week.

Britney wants a pawn to put up on the block against Brendon. Matt suggests Enzo.

The houseguest split into two teams for the have-have not competition.

Lawmen: Hayden, Brendon, Enzo
Outlaws: Matt, Ragan, Lane

They will order shots. One person will get what was ordered (the bad shot), and the other two will get something tasty. Then the other team will have to guess who took the bad shot. The outlaws order Sassy Kathy, made with jalapenos, cactus, and cayenne pepper. The law correctly guesses that Matt had the bad shot. The lawmen order the Meow Meow Mix, which contains orange juice, vinegar, and sardines. The outlaws correctly guess that Brendon had the bad shot. Britney’s Brew contains beets and caviar, which Lane gets, but the lawmen guess incorrectly that it is the blubbering Ragan. The Rodeo Rachel contains liver, gizzards, and cupcakes. The outlaws incorrectly guess that Enzo took the bad shot rather than Brendon, who actually calls this shot sweet with a little bit of kick. Delusional. The Saboteur Swill has soy milk and limburger cheese. Matt gets this bad shot, but the lawmen incorrectly guess that it was Ragan, who’s been crying for two or three weeks alerady and continues during the competition. Hairy Hayden is made with clam juice and buttermilk powder. Enzo gets stuck with this, and the outlaws guess correctly to take the lead 2-1. The final round is the Ragin Ragan, containing hot dogs, ketchup, and ranch dressing. Can somebody slap Ragan so he stops crying? The lawmen guess Matt incorrectly, making them the have nots for the week.

In addition to slop, the have nots will be able to eat broccoli and bean dip.

As Matt continues to push for Enzo’s nomination, Enzo is warning the Brigade that Matt is looking after himself. The Brigade tells Britney, who then has to start considering Matt, but he doesn’t want to go up as a pawn. So the question becomes whether she’s going to do what one guy wants or what the rest of the house wants.

Hayden is safe.
Ragan is safe.
Lane is safe.
Matt is safe.

Brendon and Enzo have been nominated for eviction. Britney says he nominated Brendon for coming after her last week. Coming after her as in not nominating her even though he should have? If you’re going to lie, at least try to be convincing about it. Brendon doesn’t trust her any more, and he was dumb to do so in the first place. As for Enzo, he’s going to work to get rid of Matt.

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