Big Brother 12 Episode 21

In a dose of tedious repetitiveness, Britney nominated Brendon in Big Brother 12 Episode 20. Since three people told her to put Matt on the block alongside him, she of course made Enzo the second target.

Brendon thinks Rachel would be really upset that Britney stabbed him in the back. Oh geez. Dude, can you play for yourself for a change? I’m bored by this storyline.

Britney tells Enzo he’s safe, which Enzo knows not to trust. Brendon’s proof of just what her word is worth.

In spite of the nominations, Hayden still wants to get rid of Matt this week. If she won’t listen to anybody else, maybe she will listen to Lane. Lane’s pitch is that they have to get rid of one of the pairs, whereas Brendon’s partner is already gone, making him less of a target.

It’s time to pick players for the veto competition.

Britney chooses Matt as houseguest’s choice.
Brendon chooses Lane at random.
Enzo chooses Hayden at random.

They head outside to the BB Zoo. They each start with 50 points and will be made 10 offers of either a prize or a punishment, trading points accordingly. Whoever finishes with the highest number of points will win the power of veto. Whoever wants this the most shall have it.

Who is willing to take a chum bath every hour for 24 hours for 5 points?

Who is willing to handcuff themselves to the houseguest of their choice for 24 hours for 7 points?
Brendon. He wants to be handcuffed to Britney. Awesome. She’s angry. Even better.

Who will give up 6 points for a phone call from home?

Who is willing to be a have not for the next three weeks for 11 points?

Shave your head (guy) or dye your hair pink (girl) for the rest of the summer for 6 veto points?

Who is willing to wear a penguin outfit for one week for 10 points?

Who will give up 11 points for a Hawaiian vacation for two? Don’t bother. Every day’s a blackout date.

Who will give up 8 points for a have not pass for the summer?
No takers. This is a prize everybody would know for sure you got.

How many points will you give up for $5,000? It’s a trap.
Hayden: 25 points.

Who is willing to give all their clothes (besides the ones they’re wearing) to charity for 13 veto points?
Enzo. At least he’s got a penguin outfit to wear.

Enzo came to play, but it was not enough to overcome Brendon’s willingness to take a chum bath, be handcuffed to Britney, shave his head, and be a have not, which makes Brendon the power of veto winner. Hayden, meanwhile, was just in it for prizes. Britney’s mad at everybody. I don’t see her taking any punishments to fight for her cause.

Lane admits to winning the phone call. They assume Matt won the other prizes.

Lane goes upstairs to chat with Britney, hoping to convince her to get rid of Matt. Whatever happens, he’s willing to eliminate her to get what he wants. His loyalty is with the Brigade (Matt notwithstanding).

Pandora’s box is back. Matt got the diamond power of veto that kept him in the game, while Brendon got a day outside the house. Keeping in line with the declining value of this prize, Britney will get one hour of advice from a houseguest from a previous season. At this pace, the next time will be some dinosaur stickers. Britney opens the box. Inside she finds Jesse. As useful houseguests to speak to go… he’s not one of them. Not that it matters. He’s only there to pose some and give her advice about how she could look like him.

For their prize, the rest of the house gets a margarita party. Yeah, Jesse’s considered a punishment.

As if she hasn’t had enough fun for one day having been trapped with Jesse for an hour, Britney will now be chained to Brendon for 24 hours. To add to that, he has to take a chum bath every hour for the next 24 hours, meaning she’s going to have to smell that and not get any sleep.

Britney doesn’t want to put up her buddy Lane, and she doesn’t think it’s right to put up Ragan because he didn’t get a chance to play. That brings her down to Matt or Hayden. With that said, Matt has decided now to stab Ragan in the back and try to get him nominated. This will just serve as further ammo that he’s playing his own game against all sides.

At the veto ceremony, Brendon removes himself from the block. The replacement nominee is Matt. Even though he doesn’t realize it, he’s out of the Brigade, and Ragan’s upset that he was stabbed in the back. Who’s the big dummy now?

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Big Brother 12 Episode 20

Matt’s diamond power of veto gave us the dullest eviction of the season in Big Brother 12 Episode 19, as Kathy was evicted from the house. After that, Britney won HOH. So basically we can expect to continue this predictable season with Brendon’s nomination.

Two hours before eviction, Hayden and Enzo told Matt they were getting rid of him. Unlike Lane and Matt, what these two have failed to do is establish side alliances that can carry them through the game and give them votes at the end, and now they’ve pretty well blown up their main alliance as well.

Following Britney’s HOH win, Brendon feels confident she will hold true to their deal. What has she done so far in this game that would lead him to believe that? His pitch to her is that if she goes back on the deal, he can’t trust her (again), and he’ll nominate her next week. Then he tells her Matt and Ragan threw her under the bus last week.

Britney wants a pawn to put up on the block against Brendon. Matt suggests Enzo.

The houseguest split into two teams for the have-have not competition.

Lawmen: Hayden, Brendon, Enzo
Outlaws: Matt, Ragan, Lane

They will order shots. One person will get what was ordered (the bad shot), and the other two will get something tasty. Then the other team will have to guess who took the bad shot. The outlaws order Sassy Kathy, made with jalapenos, cactus, and cayenne pepper. The law correctly guesses that Matt had the bad shot. The lawmen order the Meow Meow Mix, which contains orange juice, vinegar, and sardines. The outlaws correctly guess that Brendon had the bad shot. Britney’s Brew contains beets and caviar, which Lane gets, but the lawmen guess incorrectly that it is the blubbering Ragan. The Rodeo Rachel contains liver, gizzards, and cupcakes. The outlaws incorrectly guess that Enzo took the bad shot rather than Brendon, who actually calls this shot sweet with a little bit of kick. Delusional. The Saboteur Swill has soy milk and limburger cheese. Matt gets this bad shot, but the lawmen incorrectly guess that it was Ragan, who’s been crying for two or three weeks alerady and continues during the competition. Hairy Hayden is made with clam juice and buttermilk powder. Enzo gets stuck with this, and the outlaws guess correctly to take the lead 2-1. The final round is the Ragin Ragan, containing hot dogs, ketchup, and ranch dressing. Can somebody slap Ragan so he stops crying? The lawmen guess Matt incorrectly, making them the have nots for the week.

In addition to slop, the have nots will be able to eat broccoli and bean dip.

As Matt continues to push for Enzo’s nomination, Enzo is warning the Brigade that Matt is looking after himself. The Brigade tells Britney, who then has to start considering Matt, but he doesn’t want to go up as a pawn. So the question becomes whether she’s going to do what one guy wants or what the rest of the house wants.

Hayden is safe.
Ragan is safe.
Lane is safe.
Matt is safe.

Brendon and Enzo have been nominated for eviction. Britney says he nominated Brendon for coming after her last week. Coming after her as in not nominating her even though he should have? If you’re going to lie, at least try to be convincing about it. Brendon doesn’t trust her any more, and he was dumb to do so in the first place. As for Enzo, he’s going to work to get rid of Matt.

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Big Brother 12 Episode 19

Following Ragan’s veto win in Big Brother 12 Episode 18, Brendon decided to nominate Matt in his place. Of course, Matt also has a veto, effectively making himself HOH for the second week in a row, so he won’t be going anywhere tonight. At least Brendon got to go to a mansion for 24 hours. That’s sure an equivalent reward to the diamond veto Matt received for performing the same action.

Brendon continues to talk about how much he loves Rachel. I’ve still yet to see her say the same thing to him.

Matt asks Enzo and Hayden to tell him which way they’re going to vote. Even if he pulls himself off, he still has potentially the opportunity to throw his alliance completely off course.

Before leaving, Rachel told Kathy about the pretzel message. She obviously didn’t want anybody else to know. So Kathy told Enzo and Hayden, and she told them not to say anything. So now Hayden is telling Matt.

Lane is told he’s got Hayden and Enzo behind him, and he hopes that Britney is the third vote.

Ragan’s final act of sabotage is to leave a note somewhere in the house saying “I know your secret.” I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Lame. He leaves this for Enzo, who now suspects Kathy since she made his bed.

Ragan says he does not regret being a moron by yelling at a jury member while Rachel was in the house.

Unlike last week’s hometown visit, we get to meet family members. Apparently, only Brendon gets to be attacked by a bitter ex. Nobody is quite sure whether Lane and Britney are going to hook up or not.

Now it’s time for the pre-vote speech. Unlike the typical speeches, this will be different. Matt pulls himself off the block with the diamond power of veto. He cannot name Brendon (HOH) or Ragan (veto winner), but he can pick whoever else he wants to put up against Lane. He puts Kathy, the least threatening person ever, on the block.

Hayden: Kathy
Enzo: Kathy
Ragan: Kathy
Matt: Kathy
Britney: Kathy

By a vote of 5-0, an extremely excited house has voted to evict Kathy. What a wasted week for Brendon, but he did get Rachel’s wish of getting rid of somebody who’s not playing the game.

Brendon is not eligible to compete for HOH. The real HOH of the week, Matt, however, is. The competition is called Big Brother Says, a series of questions based on commands Big Brother gave them while playing the Big Brother Says game yesterday. Ragan and Hayden are eliminated in the first round. Matt is eliminated in the second round. The remaining players are all right on question three. Lane is eliminated next. Nobody is eliminated in the next question. Both get the next question wrong and stay in the game. Enzo is incorrect on the following question. Britney is HOH.

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Big Brother 12 Episode 18

After winning HOH in Big Brother 12 Episode 17, Brendon nominated Lane and Ragan for eviction. Nobody knows why.

According to Brendon, Lane is the pawn. His target is Ragan. He declined to nominate Britney and Matt because at least they fight to be in the house. What foolish logic, or lack thereof. I’d say Rachel was the brains of the operation, but I’m not sure that’s true.

It’s time to pick players for the veto competition.

Brendon chooses Enzo at random.
Ragan chooses Kathy at random.
Lane chooses Hayden as houseguest’s choice.

Ragan knows he has to win because otherwise the idiotic saboteur twist would blow up in CBS’ faces. Again.

The houseguests are awakened by a robot, the Zingbot 3000, who is there to insult them/host the veto competition. This is quite annoying. The robot explains the rules. I don’t know what they are.

They will be carrying puzzle pieces across a balance beam. Kathy says she’s taking her time. I think I’ve seen her use that strategy before. Ragan completes the first of four puzzles first. Brendon’s behind him and paying more attention to Ragan than himself. Ragan finishes his second puzzle, and Brendon is trying to pass him by copying him. The disaster of the competition is Kathy. Falling off her balance beam, she’s put out of her misery without having to continue. Ragan solves his third puzzle. Then the fourth. Ragan wins the power of veto, keeping alive his hopes for the easiest $20,000 in the history of Big Brother.

As much as he may be in their alliance and is the only one winning any competitions for them, Hayden wouldn’t be too upset to see Matt leave. Matt is a threat for HOH, and he’s got votes from the other side of the house that Hayden and Enzo don’t. They’ve been so invested in this foursome that they’ve failed to realize they need to reach across until it’s too late and they had to go to Brendon of all people.

Pandora’s box is back. Brendon sees Rachel on the screen. Oh god. Obviously, he opens it. Somebody slap him upside the head please. He will be receiving 24 hours at a private mansion. So Matt gets the diamond power of veto, and Brendon gets to take a little break elsewhere? Sounds fair. Although he expected otherwise, he will not be seeing Rachel. Instead, she’s on her way back to the house to see everybody else. She’s as obnoxious as ever.

Rachel warns them that she’s still a juror, so they have to be nice to her. Ragan disagrees with this theory. Rather than letting the opportunity go, he takes the bait, daring her to not vote for him. This guy’s not very bright. He gets dumber by the minute, just wanting a fight. Everybody else is biting their tongues. She keeps fighting, and he’s happy to oblige. Hopefully at some point one or both of them will stop being stupid.

After the commercial break, we’re back for more. Okay, when can this be over already? This stopped being entertaining five minutes ago.

Realizing she probably won’t see Brendon, Rachel leaves a message for him in pretzels to target Matt. It shall be done then. She shows the message to Kathy and asks her to make sure nobody goes up there. Why’s she being nice to Kathy when supposedly she wants to get rid of the people who aren’t doing anything to further themselves in the game? Of course, once Rachel leaves, Kathy tells Enzo and Hayden about the message.

We all know Brendon has no intention of forming an independent thought, so it’s clear he’s going to do as Rachel says. Nonetheless, he checks with Britney to make sure she won’t be nominating him next week in the unlikely event she wins HOH. She lies and says he’s safe.

Ragan doesn’t want to see Matt go up in his place. He has no problem throwing Britney under the bus.

The saboteur warns them of a competition tomorrow that could change the course of the game. Throughout the evening, they are awakened by nonsense messages with the point of keeping them awake. After a few hours of this, he tells them there really is no competition. Lame.

Ragan takes himself off the block, and Brendon nominates Matt in his place as instructed. Unbeknownst to him, Brendon is the first person who’s actually been able to target the Brigade. Too bad Matt has the veto to save himself and choose the replacement nominee.

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Big Brother 12 Episode 17

In spite of Brendon’s humiliating attempt to get them to vote him out instead, Rachel was eliminated in Big Brother 12 Episode 16. We left off at the start of the HOH competition.

Brendon is fighting for Rachel and blah blah blah. Matt realizes that his allies suck at competitions.

After the eviction, the rest of the house scattered to be out of the room with Brendon. Britney says that he attacked her that week. She loved every minute of it, trying to turn it into a big joke at his expense.

Kathy’s in dead last as usual. Enzo’s not far ahead of her, and Ragan and Britney are falling behind the rest of the pack as well. Brendon has a massive lead. It doesn’t appear that anybody else has a chance of catching him.

3 hours before the eviction, Enzo told Hayden he’s going after Ragan and Britney after this. They’re getting too tight with Matt and Lane. They proposed a side alliance with Brendon/Rachel to eliminate Ragan and Britney.

Brendon gets stuck on a knot. All of a sudden, his lead starts to slip away as Lane begins catching up with him. While this provides a little bit of drama, it’s not enough to stop him. Brendon wins HOH. Right on cue.

According to Brendon, he’s the biggest target if he didn’t win. However, minus Rachel, his target has decreased. What he needs to do is not be too big of an ass this week, or he’ll just make himself a bigger target in the process. He’s not off to a very good in that respect, though.

As the winner, Brendon’s first act is to choose three have nots for the week: Ragan, Britney, and Matt. This is the third time for Ragan and Britney.

Now the Brigade is regretting this decision to get rid of Rachel instead of Brendon. It’s quite amusing. Speaking of regret, Britney realizes she put her foot in her mouth when she opted to openly mock Brendon to his face. As the diamond power of veto holder, Matt couldn’t care less who gets nominated.

When it comes time for the very lame HOH room revealing, Enzo and Kathy pretend to be interested. The people who know they’re targets decide not to even pretend.

Hayden and Enzo are starting to trust Brendon more than Matt, who’s always with Ragan. They’re also worried about Lane, who’s spending too much time with Britney. They’d like to get rid of Britney this week.

Contrary to their plans, Brendon is thinking of putting Britney up there, but he’s planning to put her up against Lane.

For his third act of sabotage, Ragan will be talking about a secret alliance, which he hopes to tie back to Annie’s message about the lifelong friendship. His hint is that it’s a male and a female. That would point the finger at either Kathy or Britney. They swear on whatever they can think of that they don’t know anybody.

In addition to their slop, the have nots will be given eggplant and escargot. Surprising to see Big Brother willing to pay for the snails.

Ragan has decided to try to save himself by speaking to Brendon, who wants him to make it quick. His proposal is that they become secret allies because nobody would suspect it. Very interesting play, but Brendon’s still not playing this game for himself.

After that, he pulls Britney into his room. Her offer to him is that, if he doesn’t nominate her, she’ll play for the veto hard for him. Really? That’s all she has to offer? Will she want to use the power of veto on Lane? Her response is that he’ll have someone else in his corner for the veto. That’s not a no. As to next week, she does agree to do whatever for him that he does for her.

Enzo is safe.
Kathy is safe.
Hayden is safe.
Britney is safe.
Matt is safe.

Lane and Ragan have been nominated for eviction. The hell? He just threw away every deal that was made to him. I don’t get the sense that he has a plan, or cares to have one.

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Big Brother 12 Episode 16

Britney won the power of veto and obviously did not use it in Big Brother 12 Episode 15, meaning yet another showmance will be broken up this week, much to everybody’s delight.

Britney apologizes to Rachel and gives her a hug. That was weird. She does not, however, hug Brendon, who she calls the spawn of Satan. Ragan, likewise, is easily offended by Brendon.

Brendon would prefer to take a dive rather than stay in this game. Rachel could be the wife/mother of his children. This guy’s an idiot. He agrees, too, saying “I guess I’m an idiot.” Even if that quote is somewhat out of context, it’s the only necessary part.

Enzo doesn’t get these people. They’re fighting each other. They should be fighting the Brigade. The rest of the house is just too stupid.

In spite of Brendon’s ridiculous veto ceremony speech, Ragan tells Rachel that she’s at the center of all the conflict in the house. Then Rachel starts crying. Again. Of course, Brendon marches over to defend her, without knowing what the conversation was about or why. Britney and Ragan find this all quite amusing and decide to poke Brendon with a stick.

Ragan’s next saboteur task is to create paranoia that the voted out person isn’t really leaving. Certainly a plausible scenario. Would not be the first time.

Julie asks: who is the most underestimated player left in the game, not including Brendon and Rachel who are on the block?

Matt: Kathy
Lane: Ragan
Britney: Ragan
Enzo: Hayden
Ragan: Ragan
Kathy: Ragan
Hayden: Britney
Rachel: Everybody
Brendon: Britney

Brendon’s ex-fiancee says that she’s heard everything he has said to Rachel. She and her family are amused/grateful while watching him on the show. Ultimately, though, I’m wondering why CBS is giving an ex the chance to air their story. We usually see friends, family, pets, co-workers… but never a bitter ex with an axe to grind.

Enzo: Rachel
Britney: Rachel
Kathy: Rachel
Ragan: Rachel
Lane: Rachel
Hayden: Rachel

By a vote of 6-0, Rachel has been evicted from the Big Brother house. Brendon did not get his wish, no matter how much of a fool he may have tried to make out of himself. It’ll be hilarious if he wins HOH, though. As she’s departing, he tells her he loves her. Would be nice if she made an effort to respond in kind for once. She says she has plans to move to LA, maybe. Britney’s departing words come off as bitchy. The other houseguests mostly play it smart.

Having made it to the halfway point, Rachel is off to the jury house. Julie tells her this may not be the last she’s seen of the Big Brother house.

The object of the HOH competition is to untangle themselves from all the knots they’re tethered to. They’ll have to deal with mud and chickens, too. Then a storm is brewing. This doesn’t look like it’ll go on for too long, but it will be long enough to continue beyond tonight’s show.

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Big Brother 12 Episode 15

Matt won HOH in Big Brother 12 Episode 14, and unlike his first throw away nominations, he put Brendon and Rachel on the block. We were also greeted by the thoroughly lame saboteur twist again, with Ragan taking the power.

Brendon tries to kiss Rachel. She backs away. As usual. Stop trying already.

The contestants are given the opportunity to practice for the veto competition. Rather than practice, Rachel would prefer to cry. Uh. It’s just bowling. Brendon has to talk her into stopping her whining for the time being. They stay up into the wee hours of the morning practicing. It’s not as if they have much choice but to win. Granted, if one of them wins, the other is going home anyway.

It’s time to pick players for the veto competition.

Matt chooses Kathy at random.
Rachel chooses Britney at random.
Brendon chooses Enzo as houseguest’s choice.

Jeff and Jordan will be the hosts of the competition. They’re apparently still a couple. Jeff’s there to promote his show on Jordan’s there because, well, she knows Jeff.

There are 10 pins to be knocked down. They must knock a pin down in order to reveal another pin, and then knocking down the second of the two will clear them. Rachel knocks down 6 pins in 45 seconds. Rachel challenges Kathy, who eliminates Rachel by scoring 7 with a good amount of dumb luck. Realizing he’s blown it, Brendon only knocks down 3 pins. He challenges Britney, who eliminates him by scoring 5. Now it’s Brendon’s turn for a tantrum. Britney beats Enzo 9-8. Matt beats Ragan 9-7. Britney beats Kathy 8-7. In the final round, Britney beats Matt 10-7 to win the power of veto.

After the competition, Rachel would like to yell at Kathy for a while. She doesn’t like that Kathy celebrated when she beat her. Kathy’s not going to apologize because she didn’t do anything wrong. No matter how many times Rachel asks her again and again and again. This is just pitiful.

Ragan, please go to the diary room for your first sabotage. He has to turn Brendon and Rachel against each other. His message is that Brendon has been throwing competitions. Lame. Britney interprets the message as meaning that the saboteur wants them to target Brendon. The theory is that Rachel is the saboteur.

Rachel’s offer for Britney is $5,000 if she uses the veto. Not interested, and whoever is removed isn’t going to matter because the other one’s going anyway.

Rachel calls Britney a friend at the veto ceremony. Brendon has an alternative strategy. He calls Britney a selfish spoiled brat. Needless to say, Britney does not use the power of veto. Is he trying to throw the game so that Rachel stays? Seems he is.

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Big Brother 12 Episode 14

In spite of Kristen’s warning about the Brigade, the others voted her out in Big Brother 12 Episode 13, leaving the 4 person alliance pretty well in charge of the house. We left off at the start of an endurance competition for HOH.

Hayden wants nothing more than to win HOH so that he can send Brendon & Rachel home because Kristen deserved to be there a lot more than they do. I’ll have to take his word for that because she’s been invisible the whole time, both in terms of competitions and strategy. If not for their showmance, I wouldn’t have even known she was in the house.

Kathy is the first person out of the competition at 12 minutes. She says she’s doing it for the house. Her strategy apparently is to pretend that she sucks, but ultimately I don’t think she’s really doing much pretending. As the first person to fall, she is the only have not for the week.

Enzo falls at 26 minutes, comfortable in the fact that his allies will be there to do the dirty work for him.

At 36 minutes, Brendon drops, answering the prayers of the whole house. Rachel is angry with him because she’s won a couple of multiple guess competitions. She tells him he did a good job, but he doesn’t believe she’s sincere, mostly because she’s not.

Lane drops at 46 minutes. Britney falls shortly thereafter, rationalizing it by claiming she threw it. Hayden is gone seconds later.

This leaves Ragan and Matt once again to battle for the endurance HOH win. After 1 hour and 10 minutes, Ragan drops, giving another HOH win to Matt. Let’s see if he throws this one away like last time.

Rachel’s theory is that she’s the target because she won HOH twice. Regardless, he’s still viewed as the bigger threat, whether she got lucky at a couple competitions or not. She keeps pushing Brendon away, as usual, and for some reason he’s unsuccessfully trying to patch things up with her.

Matt sees Pandora’s box. Is he going to open it? Knowing Matt, I’d say yes. That is the correct guess. He now has the diamond power of veto, which will allow him to save himself or someone else on the block and nominate the replacement. He can use this at one of the next two evictions and must keep it a secret. This power allows his head to swell even bigger than it already is, in spite of the fact that he really hasn’t done anything yet except run his mouth a lot.

His lie explaining what happened is that his reward for opening the box is a dollar. Nobody believes him, except for Enzo, but he doesn’t think they buy it anyway.

Good thing they offered it to who they did because that means that CBS now has the opportunity to proceed again with the twist that blew up in their faces week 1 (because it was stupid). Ragan is offered the opportunity to be the new saboteur. His reward for pulling off three sabotages per week for the next two weeks and surviving the next two evictions would be $20,000. He has opted to do it because America voted for him (20 grand doesn’t hurt either). I hope he gets voted out this week just to screw over the twist.

When Rachel comes to make her plea to Matt, Ragan is sitting there with him. She tells him they’re obviously a pair. Wait. What? This comment and the ensuing argument is a nice way to make an enemy out of Ragan, one of the people in the house who may possibly not be against her.

The saboteur’s first act is to thank Matt for releasing a new saboteur into the house.

Kathy is safe.
Ragan is safe.
Britney is safe.
Lane is safe.
Enzo is safe.
Hayden is safe.
Rachel and Brendon have been nominated for eviction.

Not one person is surprised by this obvious move, but at least it’s not a throw away move.

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