Carrie Underwood Tops Kelly Clarkson

According to Nielson Soundscan, American Idol season 4 winner Carrie Underwood has inched ahead of the original Idol Kelly Clarkson to achieve the status of the top selling Idol record. Carrie Underwood’s Some Hearts has sold 5,813,400 units (21,000 units this week), compared with Kelly Clarkson’s second album Breakaway at 5,813,200 (6,000 units this week).

Carrie’s newest single So Small, the first off her next album, debuted on country music stations yesterday. Meanwhile, Kelly retains the current top Idol position on the charts at #15 on the Billboard chart with her current Album, My December, which has sold a total of 536,000 copies.

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Whoopi Goldberg Replaces Rosie on The View

ABC today confirmed that Whoopi Goldberg is the newest co-host on its morning talk show The View, and she will be taking the position vacated by Rosie O’Donnell in May shortly after her spat with The Apprentice’s Donald Trump.

Whoopi, having already co-hosted the show 14 times before, will join Joy Behar, Survivor’s Elisabeth Hasselbeck, show creator Barbara Walters, and a another yet unnamed co-host in September.

“I love this show,” the 51-year-old comedian said after being introduced by Walters. “This is such a big old thrill for me.”

An additional co-host will be announced in the fall.

Big Brother 8 Episode 12

It’s time for my first live blog of Big Brother 8. It’s still early in the season, as we wait for alliances to form and someone to do… something… so there’s still plenty of time to get into the real heart of the game. Up for nomination (again) are Jen and Kail because getting them out worked so well last week. Should prove interesting how the veto goes down.

Kail thinks she’s the pawn, but it’s not like she had much choice in the matter. She was a target no matter what, so grasping at straws may not have been all that bad. Dustin pretends Zach is the actual target. Jen, meanwhile, breaks down crying. Unlike the picture incident, people may well be able to empathize with her in this.

More conspiracy theories abound. They’re going to attempt to hook Jen up into every possible alliance (this time Dustin suggests she’s with Nick and Zach), when she’s just a big floater.

Jameka lets Jen know that since she picked her, if she wins veto, she’ll do whatever it takes to save Jen, as that’s what God wants.  Odd strategy if it’s true, but it can earn her an exceptional bond with someone, even if it also runs the risk of making enemies. Dick, as usual, doesn’t understand where she’s coming from. He makes some valid points but does so aggressively.

For the veto competition, the living room is transformed into an art gallery, and the housemates must know about Big Brother phrases to win. Jen knows she’s screwed right away. Each contestant starts with 1000 Big Brother Bucks. Danielle gets the first and second questions right for 500 Big Brother Bucks each. Kail gets question 3 right for 750 BB Bucks. Danielle misses question 4 and is eliminated. After this, they are allowed to use their points to purchase prizes. Dustin buys a trip to Barbados for 750 BB Bucks. Nobody seems pleased he chose to jump on the prize. Kail gets question 5 wrong and is eliminated, after which she reveals that she knows the pawn always goes home. Jameka gets question 6 correct for 1000 BB Bucks, and Dustin follows with question 7 for the same. Dustin buzzes in again for the prize, this time grabbing $5,000 in exchange for 1500 BB Bucks, which returns the lead to Jameka. Even Amber’s upset after this. Jen answers the final question wrong (perhaps intentionally), which by default allows Jameka to win the veto. Will she live up to her promise and pull Jen off the block?

It takes Dustin about two seconds to realize he made a mistake, even if he does appear pleased he got the money, which is certainly a nice chunk of change. Amber and Jameka use the time to bond, while the entire house just gets more and more pissed off at Dustin. Dick takes the opportunity to go round 574 with Jen over what he believes is her throwing the competition.

America votes for Eric to start an “I’d do that for a dollar” catchphrase. He proceeds to say it over and over and over again. Mildy entertaining, but CBS doesn’t want to spend any more time on it than I do.

The house gets together to decide who needs to be the replacement if someone comes off the block: Nick or Zach. Danielle and Jameka want Zach gone, but the rest support a Nick boot on the basis that he’s a threat that’s on both sides. Danielle wants Nick to stay for obvious reasons, while Jameka believes Zach is too much of a wildcard.

Jameka follows through and pulls Jen off the block, a move that has the potential to have a huge impact on the game. As requested by the majority of the house, Nick is made the replacement nominee.

The usual Tuesday question for America’s player is who to evict: 1) Kail or 2) Nick.

This turned out to be one of the better episodes of the season. We’re finally starting to see some cracks in those who were not part of the Mrs. Robinson alliance, so hopefully they may start waking up and realizing there’s really not that many people left from that alliance and make some moves not based on something that doesn’t matter any more.

Stay tuned to dingoRUE for another live blog of Big Brother 8 episode 13, which airs Thursday at 8/7c on CBS.

Watch Heroes Online, Anywhere

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Looking back at previous posts like Watch NBC’s Heroes Online, For Free! and Watch Heroes Online: The Where and How, I noticed a number of similarities. It became blazingly apparent that people outside of the U.S., myself in Canada included, were getting the shaft from the lovely people at NBC. For whatever reason, NBC promoted the hell out of the fact that you could watch their television shows online, for free and in full, but failed to mention that you have to be located in the U.S. to be granted such a privilege, which strikes me as rather stupid since NBC’s hit TV shows like Heroes air all over the world. As such, a number of the dingoRUE readers made comments in search of online sites where one living outside the Unites States can watch Heroes online, for free, and in full.

Well, after a ton of digging, a whole lot of searching and even more mashing of the keyboard (okay, my friend and co-worker actually told me about the site), I was able to track down one of the best online TV sites I’ve ever seen. Not only can you watch NBC Heroes, you can watch full, free episodes of: 24, CSI, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Entourage, House, Lost, Nip/Tuck, The Office, Prison Break, The Riches, Scrubs and countless other incredibly popular TV shows. Best of all, from what I can tell (at least), people from all over the world can access, watch and enjoy every TV show the site has to offer!

Television fans of the world unite and rejoice in the awesomeness that is SurfTheChannel! Check the site out and you’ll never miss an episode of your favorite television series again. Enjoy!

Biggest Loser Drops Caroline Rhea, Picks Up Soap Star Alison Sweeney

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biggest loser 4 host alison sweeney
Biggest Loser 4 host Alison Sweeney (Image Source:

It’s official, NBC has decided to trim the fat (pun intended) and has dropped Caroline Rhea as host of the Biggest Loser 4. NBC has dropped Biggest Loser seasons 1, 2 and 3 host Caroline Rhea is favor of a new, shinier, sportier model, complete with new host scent, Alison Sweeney.

NBC gave the usual line, saying that she is leaving to “pursue other interests”, which in the TV world translates to, “we fired her ass.” While the executive producer of the show, Ben Silverman, took a bit more of a direct and honest approach and said Alison Sweeney “will bring not only a great fresh face but (also) a huge, loyal fan base” to the show. Apparently people still watch soap opera’s and actually give a damn about the “actors”? That’s news to me.

I’m personally a fan of Caroline Rhea as the host of the Biggest Loser, that’s not saying I’m a fan of hers in any other context, since I’m not, but I think she was a good fit for the show. However, after the debacle that was the Biggest Loser 3 season finale, I can understand why NBC decided it was time for her to “pursue other interests.”

Alison Sweeney, the new host of the Biggest Loser 4, comes to us straight from the gutter of the TV world, also known as soap operas. Not only does she come from the single worst genre in the history of TV, she comes from the absolute worst soap opera of all time, Days of our Lives. Though she apparently knows exactly what it’s like to be fat, since she wrote a book about her experiences as a big girl after ballooning up to a massive size 12! Yeah, that’s right, a size 12… I got news for you folks, only in TV land is size 12 considered massive. One of Caroline Rhea’s butt cheeks is bigger than that for Christs sake.

The Biggest Loser has always been one of my favorite reality TV shows and it is one of the few that is truley inspirational and motivational for people, so I really hope they don’t screw things up by letting some soap opera star host it. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Production for the Biggest Loser 4 is set to begin sometime this spring.

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The Biggest Loser 3 Winner: Got Milk?

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The Biggest Loser 8 Winner
The Biggest Loser 7 Winner
The Biggest Loser 6 Winner
The Biggest Loser 5 Winner
The Biggest Loser 4 Winner

I received a pretty cool email this morning informing me that the Biggest Loser 3 Winner Erik has already appeared in his very first major advertising deal and, surprisingly enough, it’s not for Jello, the Biggest Loser Club, 24 Hour Fitness or any other weight loss related outfit, it’s for milk!

That’s right, the Biggest Loser 3 winner, who had an astonishing total weight loss of 214lbs, is the new Got Milk? guy!

You can find a copy of the full Got Milk ad featuring Biggest Loser winner Erik, here.

Way to go Big-E!

biggest loser 3 winner erik
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Survivor Cook Islands: Ozzy in the Buff!

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By this time, every and any avid Survivor Cook Islands fan knows that this isn’t the first time Ozzy has been in the spotlight on TV, or on a reality TV show, for that matter.

The Survivor superstar was featured on Playboy’s Foursome, a reality TV show dubbed “the only TV dating program that shows everything”. There’s been a lot of talk over exactly what kind of part Ozzy played in Playboy’s Foursome, but now it’s all been laid out before us, literally.

Britney Spears Sex Tape

Hot on the heels of Britney Spears filing for divorce are rumors, naturally, of a sex tape.

Though no one seems to know for sure whether or not the tape is actually of Britney Spears and Kevin Federline, or of Britney with anyone else for that matter, it’s quickly doing it’s rounds on the celebrity blogs.

Watch the Britney Spears sex tape after the jump.

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