Daylight Savings Time: Fall Back, Fall Back

Head on over to the 2007 version of this post here: Daylight Saving Time.

The last few months have seemingly flown by for me. Work has been keeping me good and busy which likely plays a big part in how fast time is seeming to go by. Halloween is a mere three days away, and you know what that means. This Sunday is the big day for everyone that obeys the rules of daylight savings time to set their clocks back another hour, and everyone knows what that means, an extra hours sleep, yay!

An interesting little tid-bit about this years daylight savings time fall back event comes compliments of the consumerist. Apparently 2006 will be the last year we fall back BEFORE Halloween:

Fall Back Day is Sunday and this here is the very last Halloween that will fall after the end of Daylight Savings Time. Why? The Energy Policy Act of 2005, extends Daylight Savings Time by 4 weeks! The result? An estimated energy savings of 1% nationally.

So don’t forget! Set your clocks back an hour this Sunday, at 2am to be exact. You wouldn’t want to end up showing up for work an hour early, though it could earn you some brownie points with the boss man.

Big Brother All Stars Update

The Emmy’s are still on and I’m watching them, so this is going to be a quick recap of tonight Big Brother All Stars episode.

Erika was the Head of Household.

The Legion of doom is pretty much broken up now that James is gone.

Danielle is still vowing to get rid of Will at all costs. “Will’s Ass Is Mine.”

Mike Boogie gets a game of Texas Holdem Poker started up. It was supposedly Janelle‘s first time playing Texas Holdem Poker and she kicked ass.

Chicken George was running out of the Big Brother house, through the back yard and belly flopping into the pool. It was actually pretty damn funny.

Janelle and Will are flirting it up big time in the pool. All a part of Dr. Will’s strategy, no doubt.

Erika tells Mike Boogie she wants to nominate Will and Janelle and Boogie is naturally trying to talk her out of it and get her to nominate Danielle.

Food Competition – Chicken George is jumping people to squeeze the juice of of their suits and Erika is riding Boogie like a cheap whore.

Results of the food competition:

Meat and Fish, Trampoline (whole house gets 1 day on slop as a result), Christmas in August (1 more day of slop), George gets a 1 week slop pass (Yay, food!), the entire household gets a 5 star dinner and they get alcohol (but give up the pool table).

Dr Will has a showmance with the backyard camera, too funny.

Will works on Erika to nominate Danielle, though Erika seems to buy into it she doesn’t nominate Danielle.

This weeks Big Brother All Stars nominee’s are: Janelle and Chicken George.

That’s all folks