Big Brother Season 19 Episode 22

Jessica accepted her fate with no apparent effort to change it and was sent home in Big Brother Season 19 Episode 21. Hopefully now we can be done with the boringly predictable nominations.

Alas, the plan this week is for everybody to play in the temptation competition to ensure that Cody can be sent home, the same plan that failed last week. Matt agrees to throw it so that he is the third nominee.

Noises have been getting played in the house, which they know is a competition, but it’s not what they think it is. They have to remember where they were when the sound went off. I don’t think this is Cody’s to win, and he doesn’t either. He knows he was never in the have not room when the sounds were played, so he’s just going to answer that every time. This is a great strategy… right up until it turns out he was indeed in the have not room once. Paul can’t figure out why he didn’t just answer HOH since he didn’t go anywhere near there at any time last week.

Matt didn’t have a better strategy, but he did do what he was supposed to do. Matt successfully loses. Once again, though, the whole house united failed to meet their goals of winning, even if they were able to lose. Mark wins safety for the week.

Without Mark as a possible pawn, they need someone else who can win something, so Alex is choosing from two of her closest allies, Paul and Jason.


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Big Brother Season 19 Episode 21

Mark won the power of veto and was replaced by an irrelevant Raven in Big Brother Season 19 Episode 20. She joins the actual targets, Jessica and Elena, on the block.

Kevin doesn’t seem like he’s doing much, but maybe he is doing more than it seems. He talks with Jessica and gives her his word that he’ll work with Cody if she leaves. When Cody finds out who he wants him to work with, he refuses. I suspect Cody would refuse almost no matter what because there are very few people in the house he trusts even a little. Kevin’s allies don’t trust this plan either.

We now return to the regularly scheduled bickering between Jessica/Cody and Josh. He didn’t want her to go home, but now he says he does.

Jessica’s convinced she is going home, but she has been convinced of that all week and doing whatever she can to ensure it.

Alex: Jessica
Christmas: Jessica
Cody: Raven
Kevin: Jessica
Paul: Jessica
Mark: Jessica
Matt: Jessica
Jason: Jessica

By a vote of 7-1, Jessica has been evicted from the Big Brother house. Between the two, I was expecting her to last a lot longer than Cody did again, but if they couldn’t get one, they were going to get the other.

After leaving, Jessica gets some mean comments from the other houseguests. These people suck at this game. Don’t let the last thing you say to someone as they are leaving the house be negative. Kevin gets it, telling her she has to go to a Pats game with him. If there’s a twist, which there isn’t, she could be coming back into the house and still end up on jury, but they might want to get smarter as we get deeper in the game.

HOH is true or false about quick change performances they watch. Everybody is correct on the first question. Mark, Kevin, Jason, and Paul are eliminated on the second question. Everybody gets the third question right. Christmas is eliminated next. Cody, Elena, and Matt are eliminated next. Alex beats Raven to win HOH.

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Big Brother Season 19 Episode 20

After Josh won HOH, the entire house failed once again to stop Jessica and Cody in Big Brother Season 19 Episode 19 when Cody won the temptation competition and safety for the week. Jessica made sure she lost that so that she could be the third nominee alongside the other couple Mark and Elena.

Josh wants to let Jessica know that she’s not his target. She and Cody are not helping him get that information out because they refuse to listen to a word he has to say. If they want to be his targets, they can keep acting like this. He may have earned being treated like this, but they are only digging themselves in deeper.

Christmas already told Paul about her temptation that allows her to replace a veto competitor, and he wants her to waste it so she doesn’t have it later. She isn’t listening much but approaches Josh and wants to chat with him about it. They realize that it’s unnecessary, and they think he doesn’t realize she can save it for a better time. That’s the whole point, aside from his vendetta against Jessica and Cody. Paul’s only useful argument is that it’s the week before jury, and they need to get rid of Jessica to avoid her and Cody voting the same way.

Mark chooses Alex (houseguest’s choice) to play in the power of veto competition. Josh chooses Cody at random. Josh gives Christmas the signal to use her power to remove Cody and enter the competition herself. Of course Paul got his way with Josh. Not the first time, not the last.

Now Jessica has decided to attack Christmas as well. These two are making it even harder to make up with more and more people that they may eventually need. They need to find somebody they don’t hate, even if they hate everybody, even if they have good reason.

It’s a good thing that Christmas didn’t use her power so that she could compete because she can’t since the Otev competition is too physical. Cody probably would have done well in this, though it is ultimately a searching task. Elena is eliminated in the first round. As usual, the others team up against Jessica to the extent they can. Jessica is eliminated in the second round. Josh is eliminated next, and Mark has wisely stored up a pile of numbers for the final round. This doesn’t help him as much as it seemed like it would. What does help him is in their final mad dash for the finish, Alex dropped her number, so beating him to the mat doesn’t matter. Mark guesses his answer correctly and wins the power of veto.

Not an ideal situation, but it doesn’t really matter, except that they need another “pawn”. Who’s most expendable? Josh doesn’t even have to make that choice. Matt and Raven volunteer, assuming that Jessica is going home.

Veto Ceremony
Mark removes himself from the block.
Raven is the replacement.

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Big Brother Season 19 Episode 19

Paul’s week as HOH concluded in Big Brother Season 19 Episode 18 with nothing happening because Jessica used her hex. Then they had an HOH competition that anybody could win, and anybody did. With Josh at the helm, we’re in for a repeat. Not only does he do whatever Paul does him to do, but Cody is one of the many people he over the top unnecessarily hates.

A few days ago, Josh told Mark he was done being a bully. Those two allegedly at least have an understanding for now, but Mark is an easy third nominee.

After Josh’s win, they are celebrating and discussing how Elena and Mark are also mad. Late to the party, Alex comes to tell everybody that they are mad, to which Josh responds that Mark is sitting right there.

Christmas would like to have a discussion about what they are going to do, rather than letting Paul run what is supposed to be Josh’s HOH. He has already decided to do what he tried to do last week, while Christmas thinks maybe they should get rid of the floaters.

The more Elena talks, the more Josh focuses on her as a potential target. An unexpected decision, but Christmas continues to encourage him to do what he wants.

Last week, not very many people participated in the temptation competition. That strategy has changed after they blew it and let Mark win, though he probably was going to win even if everybody played. Jason, Matt, Raven, Alex, Kevin, Paul, Mark, Elena, Cody, and Jessica all play with only Christmas opting out.

Their challenge is to run through the haunted house and unscramble letters on the windows that correspond to an item. Unique challenge but not much to it. The item is a simple five letter word that can be guessed with a couple of letters, but there are some people who are really freaking out because of the ghosts and have no chance on that basis.

Mark – 7:06
Kevin – 3:11
Elena – 12:31
Jason – 12:07
Jessica – 15:00
Raven – 9:00
Cody – 3:00
Matt – 3:42
Alex – 3:06
Paul – 3:34

Once again, the entire house fails to use their overwhelming odds to get what they want. For the two underdogs, they got exactly what they want. Cody wins and is safe for the week, and Jessica, who was going to do awful regardless, has guaranteed herself a spot in the veto competition.

The nominations are still as obvious as they were at the start of the week, albeit different. Mark and Elena are the two remaining people on the wrong side of the house. Paul thinks they are pawns, and maybe they are. Josh twists the words of a ranting Elena to make it seem like she was trying to get Paul and Alex nominated. Even if he is a liar, she might want to tone it down because she’s giving him the excuse he needs to say she is dangerous.


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Big Brother Season 19 Episode 18

The entirety of Big Brother Season 19 Episode 17 was spent trying to convince us that Jessica will not use her temptation power. I’m still not convinced. Jason, Jessica, and Cody are on the block. Either Cody is going home, or nobody is.

Matt tells Jessica exactly what my first thought was. What he and Cody discussed that Paul mentioned is no longer relevant. The game has changed a lot since Cody won HOH. Unlike the rather calm Matt who says he doesn’t want to talk about it, Cody does, but he’s upset by the accusation.

Jessica has tried making a really stupid deal with Jessica. She won’t use her power if he helps her get rid of Alex. Sure. He’ll promise that. Duh. He won’t keep that promise, but he’ll make it.

The most compelling argument for Jessica to not use her power is that she and Cody continue to fight, so she may as well just throw him to the wolves. The problem with this is that no matter how much conflict these two may have, I can’t see either of them actually targeting each other. It would be stupid to do that when they have so many common enemies.

Veto Ceremony
Jason is saved.

As the special third nominee, Jason’s nomination does not need to be replaced.

After an episode and a half of trying to dispel the fact that she’s going to use the temptation, we finally get a straight answer. Jessica’s going to use the temptation.

Paul’s got an answer to that: find someone with an even bigger mouth than he has. Time for Josh to be obnoxious. I think I’ve seen this episode before. It quickly gets more and more stupid. Every person in the house gets more and more stupid. Cody and Jessica try to walk away, but Paul just gets his minions to follow them. Can anyone think for themselves? Matt at least calls the way they are behaving embarrassing.

For all the unnecessary drama because they didn’t think anyone would watch if there were not some question, we finally get the expected result. Jessica unveils her halting hex, and the eviction ceremony will not take place.

The HOH competition is dumb luck golfing where they will hit the ball around obstacles and try to land it in the highest numbered slot. There’s no skill or strategy here, and anybody could win. If they even try to plan, the ball just hits an obstacle and bounces elsewhere. Julie’s not happy with the limited attempts at being competent and keeps telling them to be faster. Hey, Christmas, don’t worry that you might fall over because you’re on crutches.

Matt starts with a 6. Alex scores 2. Mark takes the lead with 15. Jason ties him. Cody takes the lead with 21. Christmas ties him. Elena scores 13. Jessica scores 2. Josh takes the lead with 23 to very loud celebration by Paul. They keep calling Paul a vet, but this is yet another sign he isn’t. Raven scores 13. Kevin scores 6.

Josh wins HOH. We’re pretty much going to have a repeat of this week, except somebody will actually go home.

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Big Brother Season 19 Episode 17

Despite Jessica’s vague but true warning that she has the power to keep herself and Cody safe, Paul decided to call her bluff and nominate the couple in Big Brother Season 19 Episode 16. They have been joined on the block by Jason, who lost the first temptation competition.

Pointless awkward argument ensues. At the end of this, Jessica’s not happy with Cody again. He may not be going this week, but she will have to stay in the house after they finally get rid of him for a second time.

Of course, it doesn’t end there. What would a fight in the house be without Josh arguing with someone?

Paul’s starting to realize that maybe Jessica isn’t lying after all. He wants her to just let Cody go this week. It seems unlikely that the result would be anything else, so she is not in any danger. They want to convince her that letting Cody go will magically make them all trust her, and they won’t trust her until he’s gone. So what difference does it make if he leaves now or two weeks from now?

The bromance between Mark and Cody continues to grow as their showmances discuss distancing themselves. They realize that the guys probably are not good for them, but they are shields that will protect them and never turn on them.

We’re spending an awful lot of time on this storyline. Almost the entire episode. Important, but there is no other way to edit this since leading up to this it seemed like a forgone conclusion that the week would be a waste.

Paul chooses Kevin to play in the veto competition, apparently not desiring to choose someone who can win. He then picks Raven at random.

Throughout the night, they were played news reports, which will be used in the fill in the blank veto competition.

Raven: 16
Cody: 15
Paul: 22
Jason: 15
Kevin: 16
Jessica: 12

Paul wins the power of veto. No way the nominations are changing, and this win is largely symbolic, though Paul thinks he will use it as a bargaining chip. I don’t follow that logic because there isn’t any, but he does reveal that Cody said on day 13 that he wanted Jason and Alex to stick around so that they could get rid of Jessica and Raven, possibly true but irrelevant by this point.

Jessica has a proposal. If she doesn’t use the hex, she wants two guarantees. She cannot be nominated for two evictions, and Alex has to go. Paul guarantees her first request. He cannot guarantee the second request, which she wants more. There is zero chance he tries to get rid of Alex until she no longer is of use to him, but he’ll be happy to pretend. If only Jessica knew this is a really dumb request. Safety, that’s fairly easy, there will be bigger fish to fry when Cody’s gone. I don’t know who the target will be after that, but if it is Alex, it won’t be at Paul’s request.

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Big Brother Season 19 Episode 16

Jessica’s nominations blew up in her face as expected in Big Brother 19 Episode 15, as Ramses was evicted to end a pointless week.

Paul doesn’t believe Jessica’s threat. If she could really save herself, why didn’t she use it last week? The answer is obvious. She knew she wasn’t going home. To be fair, this could all just be a bluff.

Now we are treated to a Josh being obnoxious montage. Footage that could be taken from any time he opens his mouth. Most of his houseguests find this hilarious. Wait until it happens to them.

Paul’s decided that Jessica doesn’t really have any power, so he should nominate her and flush it out if she really does. Of course, she can’t use the power until eviction night, making him feel successful all week until he realizes that it was another pointless week.

After last week, Elena has realized that she may be on a sinking ship. I don’t think abandoning ship will help her cause, but that’s what she seems to be doing.

Players will now decide whether they want to participate in the first temptation competition. This is an interesting concept because you only get any punishment or reward if you take the risk. Jason, Mark, Matt, and Alex are the competitors. Cody did not join in because Jessica told him he couldn’t. On the contrary, Matt only joined because Paul told him to. Not a lot of challengers to offer a buffer from that guaranteed nomination.

The competition requires them to knock down bowling pins, which they can try for 15 seconds after every 15 spins. Jason finishes in 3:37, unlikely to remain the leader. Alex easily beats him with 1:39. Mark gets 1:18 to take the lead. Matt finishes in 2:35.

Mark is safe this week, blowing a hole in Paul’s plan B. Jason, who was never in any danger otherwise, placed last and is now the third nominee.

Jessica wants to kick the can down the road to next week, but she is not doing a good job of explaining to Paul why he should not nominate her.

Alex volunteers to be a pawn if they need one, which is rejected by others. Another volunteer is Matt, who already almost ended up on the block once by volunteering to try to help in the competition.


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Big Brother Season 19 Episode 15

After winning the power of veto in Big Brother Season 19 Episode 14, Jessica was given one more chance to change her mind and nominate someone worthwhile but decided not to do so. That leaves Josh, who has despised multiple people from day one, on the block up against Jessica’s pawn, Ramses. The problem with that theory is that she never got confirmation before nominations that she had the votes to keep him, and before the veto ceremony, she still received no positive feedback that he would stay. Nobody even tried to lie to her in a convincing way.

This is Big Brother 101. We learned this in the very first eviction ceremony that ever happened. Nominate people that you actually want to get rid of. Pawns do go home. Even if you have a specific target, at least put them up against someone else you wouldn’t mind eliminating, particularly if your gut is screaming at you that you are making a mistake.

Paul is sure he’s got the votes lined up. He has talked to seven people to confirm. He’s not going to bother letting Mark and Elena know, though, because he’s convinced they have rekindled their alliance. Even if they haven’t, he’s going to give them a reason to do so. Mark has decided that he’ll trust them, but Cody says he is just pretending to work with him. So basically no change in strategy since he was kicked out. Just pretending to work with everybody still so that he can one day blindside them all.

Adding to Paul’s already established concerns, Mark tells Paul that he hates the way two people, a pair, are playing the game. No names, but Paul assumes this to mean Matt and Raven, a reasonable assumption.

Considering these numbers, Ramses needs to line up two additional votes. Kevin is unpredictable, but he and Jason could be the swing. Alex was Ramses’ ally on day one, but she’s in Paul’s back pocket now.

Jessica has been quiet so far, but she tells Kevin about her temptation. That suggests she trusts him more than most, and he feels the same way. He warns her that people are trying to flip on her. He tells her that it doesn’t matter because of her temptation, but I would expect her to keep that to save herself or Cody. She blames the person that everybody always blames, Paul. Accurate and the theme of the season so far, but she had the chance to take a shot.

Cody’s strategy is to go to important votes like Jason and threaten them.

Cody: Josh
Jason: Ramses
Alex: Ramses
Mark: Josh
Elena: Josh
Kevin: Ramses
Matt: Ramses
Raven: Ramses
Christmas: Ramses
Paul: Ramses

By a vote of 7-3, Ramses has been evicted from the Big Brother house. Such a bad HOH. Maybe Cody and Jessica should stop winning power because they suck at it. Still, I think they are in a stronger position than they were a week ago, but this result didn’t help them.

The memory wall is filled with houseguests covered in tattoos. These photos will be used in the HOH competition. Elena is the only one to get the first question incorrect. Mark, Alex, Cody, Kevin, and Josh are eliminated on the second question. Nobody is incorrect on the next question or the one after that. Christmas and Jason are eliminated next. Matt and Raven are the last to fall. Paul wins HOH.

Just letting other idiots do his dirty work has been working until now, so this seems unnecessary, but I would assume he’s going to take a swing back at Cody again. We may be in for just a wasted week.

Speaking of Jessica’s temptation power, now comes the consequence. But first, Jessica warns the house that she has the power to keep her and Cody safe for a few weeks. Bold move, but if Paul doesn’t waste his HOH on her and Cody, he’ll nominate her allies instead. Saving the power for next week at the expense of one of her already limited numbers can do more harm than good.

The consequence? Temptation competitions. For the next three weeks before nominations, they will be tempted to participate in competitions. The winner will be safe for the week. The loser will be a third nominee.

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