Big Brother Season 19 Episode 20

After Josh won HOH, the entire house failed once again to stop Jessica and Cody in Big Brother Season 19 Episode 19 when Cody won the temptation competition and safety for the week. Jessica made sure she lost that so that she could be the third nominee alongside the other couple Mark and Elena.

Josh wants to let Jessica know that she’s not his target. She and Cody are not helping him get that information out because they refuse to listen to a word he has to say. If they want to be his targets, they can keep acting like this. He may have earned being treated like this, but they are only digging themselves in deeper.

Christmas already told Paul about her temptation that allows her to replace a veto competitor, and he wants her to waste it so she doesn’t have it later. She isn’t listening much but approaches Josh and wants to chat with him about it. They realize that it’s unnecessary, and they think he doesn’t realize she can save it for a better time. That’s the whole point, aside from his vendetta against Jessica and Cody. Paul’s only useful argument is that it’s the week before jury, and they need to get rid of Jessica to avoid her and Cody voting the same way.

Mark chooses Alex (houseguest’s choice) to play in the power of veto competition. Josh chooses Cody at random. Josh gives Christmas the signal to use her power to remove Cody and enter the competition herself. Of course Paul got his way with Josh. Not the first time, not the last.

Now Jessica has decided to attack Christmas as well. These two are making it even harder to make up with more and more people that they may eventually need. They need to find somebody they don’t hate, even if they hate everybody, even if they have good reason.

It’s a good thing that Christmas didn’t use her power so that she could compete because she can’t since the Otev competition is too physical. Cody probably would have done well in this, though it is ultimately a searching task. Elena is eliminated in the first round. As usual, the others team up against Jessica to the extent they can. Jessica is eliminated in the second round. Josh is eliminated next, and Mark has wisely stored up a pile of numbers for the final round. This doesn’t help him as much as it seemed like it would. What does help him is in their final mad dash for the finish, Alex dropped her number, so beating him to the mat doesn’t matter. Mark guesses his answer correctly and wins the power of veto.

Not an ideal situation, but it doesn’t really matter, except that they need another “pawn”. Who’s most expendable? Josh doesn’t even have to make that choice. Matt and Raven volunteer, assuming that Jessica is going home.

Veto Ceremony
Mark removes himself from the block.
Raven is the replacement.

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