Big Brother Season 19 Episode 21

Mark won the power of veto and was replaced by an irrelevant Raven in Big Brother Season 19 Episode 20. She joins the actual targets, Jessica and Elena, on the block.

Kevin doesn’t seem like he’s doing much, but maybe he is doing more than it seems. He talks with Jessica and gives her his word that he’ll work with Cody if she leaves. When Cody finds out who he wants him to work with, he refuses. I suspect Cody would refuse almost no matter what because there are very few people in the house he trusts even a little. Kevin’s allies don’t trust this plan either.

We now return to the regularly scheduled bickering between Jessica/Cody and Josh. He didn’t want her to go home, but now he says he does.

Jessica’s convinced she is going home, but she has been convinced of that all week and doing whatever she can to ensure it.

Alex: Jessica
Christmas: Jessica
Cody: Raven
Kevin: Jessica
Paul: Jessica
Mark: Jessica
Matt: Jessica
Jason: Jessica

By a vote of 7-1, Jessica has been evicted from the Big Brother house. Between the two, I was expecting her to last a lot longer than Cody did again, but if they couldn’t get one, they were going to get the other.

After leaving, Jessica gets some mean comments from the other houseguests. These people suck at this game. Don’t let the last thing you say to someone as they are leaving the house be negative. Kevin gets it, telling her she has to go to a Pats game with him. If there’s a twist, which there isn’t, she could be coming back into the house and still end up on jury, but they might want to get smarter as we get deeper in the game.

HOH is true or false about quick change performances they watch. Everybody is correct on the first question. Mark, Kevin, Jason, and Paul are eliminated on the second question. Everybody gets the third question right. Christmas is eliminated next. Cody, Elena, and Matt are eliminated next. Alex beats Raven to win HOH.

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