Big Brother Season 19 Episode 22

Jessica accepted her fate with no apparent effort to change it and was sent home in Big Brother Season 19 Episode 21. Hopefully now we can be done with the boringly predictable nominations.

Alas, the plan this week is for everybody to play in the temptation competition to ensure that Cody can be sent home, the same plan that failed last week. Matt agrees to throw it so that he is the third nominee.

Noises have been getting played in the house, which they know is a competition, but it’s not what they think it is. They have to remember where they were when the sound went off. I don’t think this is Cody’s to win, and he doesn’t either. He knows he was never in the have not room when the sounds were played, so he’s just going to answer that every time. This is a great strategy… right up until it turns out he was indeed in the have not room once. Paul can’t figure out why he didn’t just answer HOH since he didn’t go anywhere near there at any time last week.

Matt didn’t have a better strategy, but he did do what he was supposed to do. Matt successfully loses. Once again, though, the whole house united failed to meet their goals of winning, even if they were able to lose. Mark wins safety for the week.

Without Mark as a possible pawn, they need someone else who can win something, so Alex is choosing from two of her closest allies, Paul and Jason.


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