Big Brother Season 19 Episode 23

Alex nominated a group of pawns in Big Brother Season 19 Episode 22, or so the theory goes. She wouldn’t really care if any of them other than Jason leaves, as he on the block alongside two showmance members, Matt and Elena, who she needs to get rid of eventually anyway. For as dangerous as Cody has been seen to be, without a partner in crime, he’s potentially more of a helpful number.

Alex and Paul are discussing their options for who should be with them going forward. Kevin does not make the cut. He continues to get closer to Cody and everybody else, but he assumes they are also on his side and the couples are the danger.

Mark is chosen at random to play in the veto competition. Alex chooses Paul to play (houseguest’s choice).

The veto competition requires them to launch arrows at a map from a slowly spinning platform to try to hit the highest number. Not entirely dumb luck, but luck will be a main factor.

Alex scores a 26. Matt gets 28, and so does Mark. Elena scores 22, and so does Jason. Paul scores 9 and loses the first round. He wins the power of veto. Matt scores 24. Mark scores 18. Elena scores 19, and so does Jason. Alex scores 25, and Mark is eliminated. He wins a trip to Colorado. Elena scores 1. Jason goes out of bounds. Alex scores 12. Matt scores 11. Jason is eliminated and wins the ability to be tandemed together with another houseguest for 48 hours, which he trades for the veto. Alex scores 14. Matt scores 2. Elena scores 7. Matt is eliminated and wins extremeitard, which he trades for the veto. Elena and Alex make a deal tht they won’t curse each other with punishments. Elena scores 17. Alex goes out of bounds. Alex wins $5,000. Elena wins the ability to carry camping equipment at all times, build a campsite, and cook everybody hot dogs for a week. She trades it for the $5,000.

That leaves the power of veto in Matt’s hands. What? I don’t see how Elena can win, so $5k maybe is worth the risk. As the third nominee, if Matt saves himself he cannot be replaced, which would blow up the Cody backdoor plan. With 7 votes to evict, they could potentially make a power move here. They have four potentially easy votes, but they’ll need a fifth to strike a blow to the alliance and make one of Alex’s closest allies go home on her own HOH. They are so concerned about winning veto or preventing Cody from winning it that they don’t think this far ahead. Lucky for them, Cody isn’t thinking that way either and immediately wonders how he can now get in good with the HOH and make Elena go home.

Alex’s immediate reaction to losing the money is that she wants Elena gone.

Cody lets Alex know what he’s told her from the beginning. Even though Jessica may have hated her, he has been trying to work with her from the beginning. And she has been refusing from the beginning.

In addition to the veto, Matt wins an Outback meal and invites Mark, Elena, Paul, Alex, and Jason, everybody who played in the veto competition. Very diplomatic choice. Paul forfeits his spot in favor of his tandem partner Christmas.

They want Matt to use the power of veto to save the only person who is not in immediate danger of going home, Jason.

Veto Ceremony
Matt uses the power of veto to save Jason.
Cody is the replacement nominee.

This is a dumb move on so many levels. Matt has left himself in danger to please people who are not in his side. Still, getting rid of Cody would benefit him because even though they need to work together, they won’t.

This could potentially go either way. What Cody has going for him is that nobody trusts him and so he could flip to either side, whereas they know Elena won’t work with them. Alex says she has the power to make sure whomever she wants to go does, but that’s not true since she only votes in the event of a tie.

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