Big Brother Season 19 Episode 24

The plan came together in Big Brother Season 19 Episode 23. Even though Matt won the power of veto, he was dumb enough to leave himself on the block, but he’s up against two much larger targets, Cody and Elena. Despite being a physical threat, nobody is worried about Matt because he doesn’t have much else going for him other than a showmance. That vote is the first in a double eviction night.

In addition to Alex having reason to be upset at Elena, Josh has decided yet again that he has less issue with Cody than with somebody else and proceeds to pick a fight with Elena. Last time, Cody was too dumb to play along, but this time, he’s just chilling out back while these loud idiots scream at each other.

But it’s all just talk. Cody uses his goodbye speech to spill the beans about Alex and Jason, two people he foolishly tried to ally with. He had to try something, but something with a chance of success maybe would have been better. In his defense, perhaps they were always going to take the safe route this week, so it was futile.

Paul: Cody
Mark: Cody
Kevin: Cody
Josh: Cody
Raven: Cody
Jason: Cody
Christmas: Cody

By a vote of 7-0-0, Cody has been evicted from the Big Brother house again. He does not say a word to anyone on the way out. As for his goodbye speech, it was just an act. They never really told him anything of use. He just wanted to stir the pot because these people keep going after those in the middle (or worse yet their allies), and nobody is taking a swing at their actual enemies.

The HOH competition is shuffleboard disc sliding to try to get closest the edge. Josh beats Matt and chooses Mark and Elena to compete against each other. Mark narrowly beats Elena and chooses Josh and Christmas. Christmas wins and chooses Raven and Mark. Mark wins and chooses Christmas and Kevin. Christmas wins and chooses Mark again and Jason. Jason beats Mark. Christmas wins again. Then Christmas, who’s been shoving her disc almost to the end, suspiciously comes up way short. Jason wins HOH.

Mark, Elena, Matt, Raven, but pretend that Matt and Raven are with them so that they are too dumb to realize they are taking out potential allies. We know the drill how this is going to go.


The veto competition requires them to solve three puzzles. Jason and Mark are running neck and neck, and nobody else is even competitive. Some of them can’t even solve the first puzzle. Mark wins again. These people keep talking about what a threat Elena is, which I don’t see. Supposedly she’s got a good social game. This guy keeps winning and saving himself.

Veto Ceremony
Mark saves himself.
Matt is the replacement nominee.

Matt, take the hint already. You’re not a team player if you are not actually on the team. He’s not in any danger, but there’s a reason why Jason didn’t nominate somebody else who also would not have been in any danger.

Raven: Elena
Alex: Elena
Mark: Matt
Josh: Elena
Paul: Elena
Christmas: Elena
Kevin: Elena

By a vote of 6-1, Elena has been evicted from the Big Brother house.

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