Big Brother Season 19 Episode 26

The double eviction in Big Brother Season 9 Episode 24 saw two predictable boots: Cody and Elena.

The HOH competition requires them to solve slowly revealed word clues based on which evicted houseguest they relate to. Raven eliminates Mark, accomplishing the houseguests’ mission in the first round. Paul eliminates Alex. Christmas beats Kevin. Josh beats Matt. Paul beats Raven to move to the finals; Christmas beats Josh to move to the finals. Paul answers that the fourth HOH was Cameron, who was eliminated on night one, allowing Christmas to win HOH.

Everybody is satisfied with that result. That will last about as long as Mark doesn’t save himself because in that case they’ll have to show their true colors. Alex promptly puts a backup plan in process: throw Kevin under the bus. The drama that ensues helps convince Josh that Cody’s lies about Jason and Alex trying to flip the house are true.

They’re not going to go straight after Mark, so the season of bad pawn games continues.

Paul has identified three power couples in the house, and he wants to be the third wheel to all of them. Christmas sees the same scenario, so she will nominate members of the other two couples.

Before we get to that, the tree of temptation is revealed. It will allow them the opportunity to win reward or punishment. Mark is the first to bite because he has nothing to lose. His prize is the ability to save a friend, not very useful since all of his friends are gone.

Oh, and Matt volunteers to be a pawn. Again. His explanation is that everybody must have a turn… or three. Jason also volunteers, exactly what Christmas wanted.

Mark wastes his save a friend power on Paul.


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