Big Brother Season 19 Episode 27

After Christmas won HOH in Big Brother Season 19 Episode 26, she put yet more pawns on the block, Matt and Jason. Different week, same story.

Christmas chooses Raven to play in the veto competition (houseguest’s choice), but she cannot explain why. Matt picks Paul (houseguest’s choice). Jason picks Mark.

One person against the house as usual. The veto competition will have them running back and forth on a slippery path to fill a tank on the opposite side. They can choose to fill a smaller bowl instead to grab a larger scoop. After losing last year, Paul doesn’t try to get the bigger scoop. Matt is the only other person to make that decision. It soon becomes clear that neither Mark nor Raven have a chance of winning. Jason releases the big scoop when Paul’s about half done, with which he can make eight trips, enough to give him a bit of a lead. Probably not worth the effort, but regardless Jason easily wins the power of veto.

Mark’s last ditch effort is to convince them that Alex (or just about anybody else) is a much bigger threat than the guy who is all alone. We already know the story here, though. No big surprise moves. Consistently, boringly predictable.

Veto Ceremony
Jason saves himself.
Mark is the replacement nominee.

Christmas explains to Mark that by listening to him speak, she has fulfilled the favor she agreed she owed him when she was on the block. This is such pathetic explanation. If your word is meaningless, at least don’t remind everybody.

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