Big Brother Season 19 Episode 28

Same old, same old in Big Brother Season 19 Episode 27. This week’s house target, Mark, was added to the block against perpetual pawn Matt.

We’re going to spend half the episode pretending Mark might not go home. It doesn’t make sense for him to. There are clearly multiple sides, but none of them take shots at each other or at Paul, the guy who’s lying to everybody but they are too stupid to notice or have watched very closely last year. The only person smart enough to realize this was Cody, which resulted in his eviction nearly two months ago. They just keep going after the people they don’t like who are not part of anything.

Mark’s last last ditch effort is to convince Alex and Jason to keep him, a plan that didn’t work for Cody. Kevin can’t stand Matt and Raven, so he would have no problem with this plan if Mark can secure a majority. Kevin’s not about to rock the boat.

Julie wants to keep stalling, but Mark ruins that and lets us know he’s going home by telling us his final comp was rough. After two commercial breaks and a visit with Jason’s family, it’s time to vote.

Raven: Mark
Josh: Mark
Kevin: Mark
Jason: Matt
Alex: Matt
Paul: Mark

By a vote of 4-2, Mark has been evicted from the Big Brother house. The only surprising thing about that is that Matt lost two sympathy votes from an opposing couple. If you need to give him a sympathy vote, why make it so obvious you’re always voting together instead of just one? The choices to root for keep getting slimmer.

The endurance HOH competition requires them to keep standing in giant hot dog buns that move.

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