Big Brother Season 19 Episode 29

The predictability continued in Big Brother Season 19 Episode 28 with the elimination of Mark.

We find out what happened with those stray votes. Jason, Alex, and Paul were trying to make people think Kevin went rogue. Then Alex’s mind went blank, so there were two votes instead.

As we start the endurance HOH competition, all three couples are rooting for Paul as one of the people they want to win. These people are so clueless. He has no need to win because nobody is going to target him.

Kevin is the first to fall at 17 minutes. Matt doesn’t last much longer. Josh drops at half an hour, and since Christmas was HOH last week, that eliminates that pair. Raven is already trying to make a deal. At 53 minutes, Paul takes a dive, and Raven is a few seconds behind him. Alex and Jason are the only two left, but they refuse to give it to the other, annoying the rest of the house while proving they are challenge threats. For all the alleged drama, this seems to carry out in real time because it’s only 61 minutes by the time Jason wins HOH.

Josh suspects that the rogue vote came from Kevin. What about the other one?

Jason is not as willing to play along as Alex is, and he admits who voted for Matt. He wants him to keep his mouth shut about it. Easier said than done.

Alex sends in Paul to pretend that Matt and Raven are pawns (again) because she never talks to them, two months in.

Josh is starting to get suspicious about Paul because he sees him surrounding himself with everybody. It’s a little late for that.


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