Big Brother Season 19 Episode 30

Jason won HOH in Big Brother Season 19 Episode 29, forcing someone to actually make a move (possibly), and he nominated one of the other couples, Matt and Raven.

Alex pretends that Kevin is mean in an effort to get rid of him. That would certainly be the safe vote that almost everybody in the house could agree on, as usual.

Jason selects Josh at random to play in the veto competition. Matt selects Paul. Raven picks Kevin.

Paul plans to win so he can save Raven and stir up some drama with Kevin, but the HOH thinks this plan sounds fishy. Of course it is.

The mostly dumb luck veto competition requires them to hide their vetoes and then try to find them until only one remains hidden. Kevin’s as bad at this as he is at every other competition. He thinks it’s disrespectful to tear the house apart searching. Jason is the first to find a veto, locating Josh’s in the freezer. Then Raven finds Matt’s, which someone else already uncovered but didn’t notice. She follows that with another one hidden by Kevin, slightly more difficult to find inside a pillow. Matt finds the fourth one somewhere (turns out to be Paul’s), and Jason finds the fifth one also somewhere (Raven’s). Jason wins the power of veto, despite the fact that his strategy was to hide it in the most obvious place in a cushion that everybody flipped but didn’t look at closely enough.

As much as Paul and Alex want Kevin on the block, he and Jason are buddies. He stands to lose more than he can gain from that. The reaction from Alex and Paul is of very clear disapproval, and he may finally be catching on. Christmas joins in. Rather than demanding that he put Kevin on the block like Alex is unconvincingly doing, Christmas tells him why it may be a good game move. He’s mean and I say so is not a good argument. Keeping Matt and Raven happy for a few days before backstabbing them isn’t either.

Matt asks not to be saved and for Raven to be saved instead. I’m not sure if that is him being oblivious or willing to throw away his game for a girl. Probably a bit of both.

Veto Ceremony
Veto is not used.

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