Big Brother Season 19 Episode 19

Paul’s week as HOH concluded in Big Brother Season 19 Episode 18 with nothing happening because Jessica used her hex. Then they had an HOH competition that anybody could win, and anybody did. With Josh at the helm, we’re in for a repeat. Not only does he do whatever Paul does him to do, but Cody is one of the many people he over the top unnecessarily hates.

A few days ago, Josh told Mark he was done being a bully. Those two allegedly at least have an understanding for now, but Mark is an easy third nominee.

After Josh’s win, they are celebrating and discussing how Elena and Mark are also mad. Late to the party, Alex comes to tell everybody that they are mad, to which Josh responds that Mark is sitting right there.

Christmas would like to have a discussion about what they are going to do, rather than letting Paul run what is supposed to be Josh’s HOH. He has already decided to do what he tried to do last week, while Christmas thinks maybe they should get rid of the floaters.

The more Elena talks, the more Josh focuses on her as a potential target. An unexpected decision, but Christmas continues to encourage him to do what he wants.

Last week, not very many people participated in the temptation competition. That strategy has changed after they blew it and let Mark win, though he probably was going to win even if everybody played. Jason, Matt, Raven, Alex, Kevin, Paul, Mark, Elena, Cody, and Jessica all play with only Christmas opting out.

Their challenge is to run through the haunted house and unscramble letters on the windows that correspond to an item. Unique challenge but not much to it. The item is a simple five letter word that can be guessed with a couple of letters, but there are some people who are really freaking out because of the ghosts and have no chance on that basis.

Mark – 7:06
Kevin – 3:11
Elena – 12:31
Jason – 12:07
Jessica – 15:00
Raven – 9:00
Cody – 3:00
Matt – 3:42
Alex – 3:06
Paul – 3:34

Once again, the entire house fails to use their overwhelming odds to get what they want. For the two underdogs, they got exactly what they want. Cody wins and is safe for the week, and Jessica, who was going to do awful regardless, has guaranteed herself a spot in the veto competition.

The nominations are still as obvious as they were at the start of the week, albeit different. Mark and Elena are the two remaining people on the wrong side of the house. Paul thinks they are pawns, and maybe they are. Josh twists the words of a ranting Elena to make it seem like she was trying to get Paul and Alex nominated. Even if he is a liar, she might want to tone it down because she’s giving him the excuse he needs to say she is dangerous.


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