Big Brother Season 19 Episode 18

The entirety of Big Brother Season 19 Episode 17 was spent trying to convince us that Jessica will not use her temptation power. I’m still not convinced. Jason, Jessica, and Cody are on the block. Either Cody is going home, or nobody is.

Matt tells Jessica exactly what my first thought was. What he and Cody discussed that Paul mentioned is no longer relevant. The game has changed a lot since Cody won HOH. Unlike the rather calm Matt who says he doesn’t want to talk about it, Cody does, but he’s upset by the accusation.

Jessica has tried making a really stupid deal with Jessica. She won’t use her power if he helps her get rid of Alex. Sure. He’ll promise that. Duh. He won’t keep that promise, but he’ll make it.

The most compelling argument for Jessica to not use her power is that she and Cody continue to fight, so she may as well just throw him to the wolves. The problem with this is that no matter how much conflict these two may have, I can’t see either of them actually targeting each other. It would be stupid to do that when they have so many common enemies.

Veto Ceremony
Jason is saved.

As the special third nominee, Jason’s nomination does not need to be replaced.

After an episode and a half of trying to dispel the fact that she’s going to use the temptation, we finally get a straight answer. Jessica’s going to use the temptation.

Paul’s got an answer to that: find someone with an even bigger mouth than he has. Time for Josh to be obnoxious. I think I’ve seen this episode before. It quickly gets more and more stupid. Every person in the house gets more and more stupid. Cody and Jessica try to walk away, but Paul just gets his minions to follow them. Can anyone think for themselves? Matt at least calls the way they are behaving embarrassing.

For all the unnecessary drama because they didn’t think anyone would watch if there were not some question, we finally get the expected result. Jessica unveils her halting hex, and the eviction ceremony will not take place.

The HOH competition is dumb luck golfing where they will hit the ball around obstacles and try to land it in the highest numbered slot. There’s no skill or strategy here, and anybody could win. If they even try to plan, the ball just hits an obstacle and bounces elsewhere. Julie’s not happy with the limited attempts at being competent and keeps telling them to be faster. Hey, Christmas, don’t worry that you might fall over because you’re on crutches.

Matt starts with a 6. Alex scores 2. Mark takes the lead with 15. Jason ties him. Cody takes the lead with 21. Christmas ties him. Elena scores 13. Jessica scores 2. Josh takes the lead with 23 to very loud celebration by Paul. They keep calling Paul a vet, but this is yet another sign he isn’t. Raven scores 13. Kevin scores 6.

Josh wins HOH. We’re pretty much going to have a repeat of this week, except somebody will actually go home.

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