Big Brother Season 19 Episode 17

Despite Jessica’s vague but true warning that she has the power to keep herself and Cody safe, Paul decided to call her bluff and nominate the couple in Big Brother Season 19 Episode 16. They have been joined on the block by Jason, who lost the first temptation competition.

Pointless awkward argument ensues. At the end of this, Jessica’s not happy with Cody again. He may not be going this week, but she will have to stay in the house after they finally get rid of him for a second time.

Of course, it doesn’t end there. What would a fight in the house be without Josh arguing with someone?

Paul’s starting to realize that maybe Jessica isn’t lying after all. He wants her to just let Cody go this week. It seems unlikely that the result would be anything else, so she is not in any danger. They want to convince her that letting Cody go will magically make them all trust her, and they won’t trust her until he’s gone. So what difference does it make if he leaves now or two weeks from now?

The bromance between Mark and Cody continues to grow as their showmances discuss distancing themselves. They realize that the guys probably are not good for them, but they are shields that will protect them and never turn on them.

We’re spending an awful lot of time on this storyline. Almost the entire episode. Important, but there is no other way to edit this since leading up to this it seemed like a forgone conclusion that the week would be a waste.

Paul chooses Kevin to play in the veto competition, apparently not desiring to choose someone who can win. He then picks Raven at random.

Throughout the night, they were played news reports, which will be used in the fill in the blank veto competition.

Raven: 16
Cody: 15
Paul: 22
Jason: 15
Kevin: 16
Jessica: 12

Paul wins the power of veto. No way the nominations are changing, and this win is largely symbolic, though Paul thinks he will use it as a bargaining chip. I don’t follow that logic because there isn’t any, but he does reveal that Cody said on day 13 that he wanted Jason and Alex to stick around so that they could get rid of Jessica and Raven, possibly true but irrelevant by this point.

Jessica has a proposal. If she doesn’t use the hex, she wants two guarantees. She cannot be nominated for two evictions, and Alex has to go. Paul guarantees her first request. He cannot guarantee the second request, which she wants more. There is zero chance he tries to get rid of Alex until she no longer is of use to him, but he’ll be happy to pretend. If only Jessica knew this is a really dumb request. Safety, that’s fairly easy, there will be bigger fish to fry when Cody’s gone. I don’t know who the target will be after that, but if it is Alex, it won’t be at Paul’s request.

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