Big Brother Season 19 Episode 16

Jessica’s nominations blew up in her face as expected in Big Brother 19 Episode 15, as Ramses was evicted to end a pointless week.

Paul doesn’t believe Jessica’s threat. If she could really save herself, why didn’t she use it last week? The answer is obvious. She knew she wasn’t going home. To be fair, this could all just be a bluff.

Now we are treated to a Josh being obnoxious montage. Footage that could be taken from any time he opens his mouth. Most of his houseguests find this hilarious. Wait until it happens to them.

Paul’s decided that Jessica doesn’t really have any power, so he should nominate her and flush it out if she really does. Of course, she can’t use the power until eviction night, making him feel successful all week until he realizes that it was another pointless week.

After last week, Elena has realized that she may be on a sinking ship. I don’t think abandoning ship will help her cause, but that’s what she seems to be doing.

Players will now decide whether they want to participate in the first temptation competition. This is an interesting concept because you only get any punishment or reward if you take the risk. Jason, Mark, Matt, and Alex are the competitors. Cody did not join in because Jessica told him he couldn’t. On the contrary, Matt only joined because Paul told him to. Not a lot of challengers to offer a buffer from that guaranteed nomination.

The competition requires them to knock down bowling pins, which they can try for 15 seconds after every 15 spins. Jason finishes in 3:37, unlikely to remain the leader. Alex easily beats him with 1:39. Mark gets 1:18 to take the lead. Matt finishes in 2:35.

Mark is safe this week, blowing a hole in Paul’s plan B. Jason, who was never in any danger otherwise, placed last and is now the third nominee.

Jessica wants to kick the can down the road to next week, but she is not doing a good job of explaining to Paul why he should not nominate her.

Alex volunteers to be a pawn if they need one, which is rejected by others. Another volunteer is Matt, who already almost ended up on the block once by volunteering to try to help in the competition.


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