Big Brother Season 19 Episode 15

After winning the power of veto in Big Brother Season 19 Episode 14, Jessica was given one more chance to change her mind and nominate someone worthwhile but decided not to do so. That leaves Josh, who has despised multiple people from day one, on the block up against Jessica’s pawn, Ramses. The problem with that theory is that she never got confirmation before nominations that she had the votes to keep him, and before the veto ceremony, she still received no positive feedback that he would stay. Nobody even tried to lie to her in a convincing way.

This is Big Brother 101. We learned this in the very first eviction ceremony that ever happened. Nominate people that you actually want to get rid of. Pawns do go home. Even if you have a specific target, at least put them up against someone else you wouldn’t mind eliminating, particularly if your gut is screaming at you that you are making a mistake.

Paul is sure he’s got the votes lined up. He has talked to seven people to confirm. He’s not going to bother letting Mark and Elena know, though, because he’s convinced they have rekindled their alliance. Even if they haven’t, he’s going to give them a reason to do so. Mark has decided that he’ll trust them, but Cody says he is just pretending to work with him. So basically no change in strategy since he was kicked out. Just pretending to work with everybody still so that he can one day blindside them all.

Adding to Paul’s already established concerns, Mark tells Paul that he hates the way two people, a pair, are playing the game. No names, but Paul assumes this to mean Matt and Raven, a reasonable assumption.

Considering these numbers, Ramses needs to line up two additional votes. Kevin is unpredictable, but he and Jason could be the swing. Alex was Ramses’ ally on day one, but she’s in Paul’s back pocket now.

Jessica has been quiet so far, but she tells Kevin about her temptation. That suggests she trusts him more than most, and he feels the same way. He warns her that people are trying to flip on her. He tells her that it doesn’t matter because of her temptation, but I would expect her to keep that to save herself or Cody. She blames the person that everybody always blames, Paul. Accurate and the theme of the season so far, but she had the chance to take a shot.

Cody’s strategy is to go to important votes like Jason and threaten them.

Cody: Josh
Jason: Ramses
Alex: Ramses
Mark: Josh
Elena: Josh
Kevin: Ramses
Matt: Ramses
Raven: Ramses
Christmas: Ramses
Paul: Ramses

By a vote of 7-3, Ramses has been evicted from the Big Brother house. Such a bad HOH. Maybe Cody and Jessica should stop winning power because they suck at it. Still, I think they are in a stronger position than they were a week ago, but this result didn’t help them.

The memory wall is filled with houseguests covered in tattoos. These photos will be used in the HOH competition. Elena is the only one to get the first question incorrect. Mark, Alex, Cody, Kevin, and Josh are eliminated on the second question. Nobody is incorrect on the next question or the one after that. Christmas and Jason are eliminated next. Matt and Raven are the last to fall. Paul wins HOH.

Just letting other idiots do his dirty work has been working until now, so this seems unnecessary, but I would assume he’s going to take a swing back at Cody again. We may be in for just a wasted week.

Speaking of Jessica’s temptation power, now comes the consequence. But first, Jessica warns the house that she has the power to keep her and Cody safe for a few weeks. Bold move, but if Paul doesn’t waste his HOH on her and Cody, he’ll nominate her allies instead. Saving the power for next week at the expense of one of her already limited numbers can do more harm than good.

The consequence? Temptation competitions. For the next three weeks before nominations, they will be tempted to participate in competitions. The winner will be safe for the week. The loser will be a third nominee.

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