Big Brother Season 19 Episode 14

The entire house set out on a mission to prevent Jessica and Cody from winning HOH in Big Brother Season 19 Episode 13. So it came as no surprise that Jessica won. She then proceeded to nominate Josh for being obnoxious and Ramses as what she called a pawn. I don’t think either of those furthers her cause, but I guess she can only fight one battle at a time.

Jessica acknowledges she’s going after floaters this week in attempt to rebuild alliances. There’s a problem with that. They hate you. The odds seem better of establishing something with an alternate group, although the alternate group isn’t any more impressed.

Somewhat realizing that this could blow up in her face, Jessica asks whether Josh is going home. Now you ask that? That’s a question you ask before nominations, not after. Paul won’t even give her a straight answer.

Paul insists that Josh will never, ever, ever go against his side, whatever that is. Have you been paying attention? Josh could turn on anyone at the drop of a hat with over the top reactions. I don’t think he is very dangerous, but he is very unpredictable.

Jessica selects Cody to participate in the veto competition as houseguest’s choice. Josh chooses Jason at random. Ramses picks Christmas. The only hope for Josh is that Christmas can actually play and that she can be swayed by Paul.

The veto competition requires them to mix drinks by reviewing a list of items in a sequence and following the instructions such as pour the middle ingredient. Christmas is eliminated in the first round. Jason, Ramses, and Josh are eliminated next, leaving only Jessica and Cody and pretty much ending the competition. Jessica beats Cody to win the power of veto.

That’s a good thing because she controls her own fate, but her initial nominations were pretty poor and are in need of review. She really doesn’t think she needs to use it, but she’ll just ask everybody about the vote. All they need to do is lie convincingly. Her first conversation is with Raven, who acts very strangely. She’s starting to realize that they could easily screw her over by not doing what she wants, which they have no reason to do. Cody advises her what he would do. We saw how well what he would do worked when he was HOH.

Her proposed alternative is to nominate Alex, not one of her former allies who she doesn’t trust and are making her question her decisions. Granted, she shouldn’t trust Alex either.

Based on Paul’s advice, Josh is pretending like he is defeated and thinks he’s going home. This should be another red flag. It’s too easy and too soon for him to be behaving like this. From what we have seen this season, this is so far out of character for him that it would be dumb to believe it.

Veto Ceremony
Veto is not used.

This will not end well. I don’t think it was going to end well regardless. Yet another wasted HOH. The only particularly successful HOH was when they all united to take out Cody, who then returned the following week anyway.

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