Big Brother Season 19 Episode 13

Cody won his way back into the house in Big Brother Season 19 Episode 12 by winning the battle back competitions.

10 minutes before the live eviction, Josh informed Jessica in front of the whole house that she is his target. Why does this guy keep doing this nonsense? He can’t drop anything. Just keep digging without provocation.

In addition to Josh, Jessica informs Cody that Paul, Christmas, and Alex are her targets, but otherwise she has repaired the relationships. I don’t think it’s quite that easy.

The HOH competition requires them to hold up a disc with a long tube. Kevin begins to explain his strategy, but before he can finish, his disc falls after 17 seconds. Mark is right behind him. Paul also falls in under a minute.

Each person that drops can pick a person to punish with various distractions, and there is no rule saying they can’t all punish one person, Cody. Jason falls after 2 minutes. He has a different strategy than the first three, punishing Jessica instead. Elena has not talked for 4 whole minutes and can’t take it anymore, returning to punish Cody. Matt is next. Raven drops at 17 minutes as the times start to get a little more respectable. Josh follows at 38 minutes, and after giving his punishment to Jessica, he proceeds to yell insults at Cody, which for some reason everybody finds hilarious. It’s not.

Cody finally drops at 1 hour and 24 minutes. He punishes Ramses, the most surprising person still left standing. Ramses drops after 1 hour and 49 minutes. Standing on one leg, Christmas has managed to outperform just about everybody else, but she drops at 2 hours and 52 minutes. Jessica wins HOH.

When the last four were standing, Jessica and Cody offered to keep Christmas safe. She did not accept the deal or counter with one of her own because she didn’t want to lie, but Jessica says she will honor it.

She further tries to establish support from Matt and Raven. Did she not see them on the bench dying laughing while Josh was berating them? Mark and Elena also play nice, but Mark is someone they will not trust.

Josh is an obvious nomination, but he’s not a threat, no matter how obnoxious he is. The other obvious nomination is Paul, who has demonstrated that he can be a threat, but he has a lot of support and probably wouldn’t go even though he should.


Ramses is the pawn, not the best idea when you only have one guaranteed vote, no matter how non-threatning Ramses may be.

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