Big Brother Season 19 Episode 12

Dominique became the fourth person evicted in Big Brother 19 Episode 11, completing the cast for tonight and joining Cameron, Jillian, and Cody for the chance to battle back into the house. If this is all about who can win competitions, Cody has been given such lopsided odds and could not have asked for a better group to compete against, but Julie suggested it won’t be quite so simple. If it’s a popularity contest, I still have to go with Cody between these four choices because people seem to be warming to him and Jessica despite his awful start.

As it turns out, it is still a matter of winning competitions, but with a twist. All of them will compete in the first competition, the two winners will move to the second competition, and then the house will vote someone to compete in the final challenge and try to defend the winner of that from entering. Still heavily favors Cody, but he could have a worthwhile challenger coming his way.

The first competition is a maze race. They must maneuver their ball through a maze using a rope and pulley system. Hard to say who could have an advantage in such a challenge, and even if they get almost to the end, one slip could cost them the game. I would have to give it to the guys if only because neither of the girls is much of a challenge threat, not that Cameron is either as we saw when he got eliminated on night one. As Jillian is the first to drop and then drops again, it’s becoming apparent she is not going to win. Cody is the first person to finish. Cameron was the second person to drop, but Dominique has been going so slow and steady that it doesn’t seem like she will ever finish. Cameron places second.

The next competition will have them catapulting balls at a billboard to knock out panels. This one again should be very easy for Cody when you consider it’s a game of shooting mixed with a bit of running, but Cameron is doing surprisingly well and is in the lead from the beginning. With Cameron ahead 6-3 and then 7-4, Cody finally figures out the technique. After a strong run, Cody grabs the lead 8-7, and ultimately Cameron never scores again. Cody wins and is the last evictee standing.

The next challenge against the houseguests’ choice will be a repeat of one of these two but modified. Even with those modifications, I don’t see how Cody can lose. He will be up against a stronger competitor, but he gets to pick the challenge, both of which he has already practiced and won. He chooses the maze, which will be replaced with a different maze, but still the same technique is what will win, something that requires time to learn unless you have already learned it.

Mark is angry because he fears that someone is going to come back who he turned his back on, but Jessica assures him he’ll be fine if it’s Cody. Cody said he will listen to Jessica more if he returns, and unless he wants to end up right back out the door, he needs to listen to someone. Still, other than Jessica, I don’t think anyone really wants any of these people to return.

They don’t have much time to discuss strategy before the vote, but they clearly have enough time to come to a consensus while Julie’s talking since she does not prohibit discussion.

Everybody votes for Paul. Not the best choice if they are looking for the strongest challenger, but he is a middle of the road competitor they can all agree on. He has no chance of winning, though to be fair I don’t think anyone does.

It wasn’t even close the first time Cody won this, and now he has the advantage of practice. Paul’s only hope is that he learns fast and Cody makes a mistake. Paul makes a competent effort, but Cody wins easily and is back in the house.

Jessica is alone in her excitement, immediately jumping into his arms, and also providing a warning to not do anything crazy until they can discuss what has happened.

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