Big Brother Season 19 Episode 11

Jason won the power of veto in Big Brother Season 19 Episode 10, but despite his initial gut reaction and Paul’s belief that he is a mastermind, he ended up leaving the nominations the same because the HOH did not want to play along with the concept of a safe but still expendable pawn. Leaving Jessica on the block the week after her showmance went home seems a little dumb if she is not the target, but Dominique apparently does not have a plan or a desire for self preservation.

Dominique continues to go off on her allies, and it doesn’t make any sense. For her part, Jessica is at least making an effort to repair the relationships she broke, which people keep making clear they do not have an interest in.

The boys are doing what would typically be an innocent activity. They are playing pool. Except Josh is involved. Shouting match ensues. Normally even if things got a little out of control, it would end there, but this is Josh. He wants nothing to do with Mark ever again. Then he dares anybody else with something to say to speak up. What’s Jessica got left to lose? She’ll poke the bear.

They are at least aware that you can only do one twist a week for so long before you have to get rid of it and just let the game play out normally, so this will be the final den of temptation. Jessica has been tempted with the halting hex. I’m surprised she ranks high enough to get the votes considering the game she has played, but she is a lone wolf whose use of this temptation would easily throw a wrench into Alex’s questionable nominations and subsequent refusal to listen to those surrounding her.

This power allows Jessica to halt any of the next four live evictions. There may be some benefit to saving it, but she’s still at risk this week no matter how off the tracks Dominique has gone. It may be better to just save it in what seems like a slam dunk week because if she survives this, she’s still rather high on the list of future nominations where she may not be up against such a favorable opponent.

Jessica opts not to use her power this week. A little risky, but I think it’s the right move. She’ll have more chances to use it, and little does she know there’s a very good chance Cody will return.

Josh: Dominique
Kevin: Dominique
Mark: Dominique
Christmas: Dominique
Jason: Dominque
Raven: Dominque
Matt: Dominique
Elena: Dominique
Paul: Dominique
Ramses: Dominique

By a vote of 10-0, Dominique has been evicted from the Big Brother house. Cody may have started her down this path by going down swinging, but Dominique ensured the result by wrongly and repeatedly attacking her own team when really she was only right about Paul. She promises to keep her mouth shut if she returns.

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