Big Brother Season 19 Episode 10

Alex won HOH and seemed to become Paul’s puppet in Big Brother Season 19 Episode 9, nominating Jessica and Dominique, though regardless there is some sense to her choices.

Dominique knows that Paul is involved but blames Elena as well when in reality Elena wanted to keep her (and everybody else in the house) safe. She later confirms with God that Paul is the problem.

Alex chooses Kevin at random to play in the veto competition. Dominique selects Christmas. Jessica picks Jason as houseguest’s choice.

Kevin’s kind of irrelevant. Christmas may be as well with a bum leg. Jason could be a threat to win, and the key thing about that is this choice Alex considers him her ride or die. This should be a hint to her. She probably will never like Jessica, but taking her out would be a potential number gone. Kevin and Jason further emphasize that and make it very clear that they should remove Jessica from the block if they win because she is a target no matter what the plan is.

Christmas is unable to participate in the veto competition. They will be required to walk back and forth a suspended beam 50 times in a row without falling. We know Kevin won’t win, but otherwise, a balance competition is hard to call. Knowing he has no chance, Kevin eventually takes the temptation, which is just a troll prize of $27.

Otherwise, it could potentially be anyone’s game since all it takes is one slip to go back to 0, but Jason and Alex are looking pretty strong with Jason running just a step ahead of Alex. This is critical for them because they both have completely different plans. Jason wants certainty while Alex wants to try to appease the side of the house she’s working against. Jason wins the power of veto.

Paul doesn’t like Alex’s nominations either. He wants Jessica removed, too. I’m not sure to what extent he’s really her puppet master, but he isn’t leaving her with much choice as yet another voice saying the nominations need to change.

Mark is warned that he is going up as a pawn. He very strongly yet very poorly objects.

Dominique’s only hope is to warn Jason that Paul is a snake or at least indicate that someone is a snake. Could be a man, could be a woman, could be an actual snake for all I can tell from this conversation.

Continuing to talk in riddles, Dominique eventually tells Alex that Paul is the snake, sort of, and calls a house meeting to discuss/argue.

For all of Paul’s manipulation, Jason has no interest in his plan. He wants to either keep things the same or nominate the person he considers more safe, Raven, because unlike Mark she would not be considered a threat. The problem is convincing Alex of that because if Jessica comes off the block, Alex wants to follow Paul’s plan, not Jason’s.

Dominique doesn’t end things there. At the veto ceremony, she calls Paul a snake again, which he embraces, but she also calls her apparently now former allies his minions, specifically Elena.

Veto Ceremony
Veto is not used.

Perhaps not the brightest move, but Dominique is working overtime at sinking herself, so maybe they can just sit back and watch her self destruct.

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