Big Brother Season 19 Episode 9

Cody predictably got voted out of the house in Big Brother Season 19 Episode 8 after playing one of the worst first weeks ever.

Elena says that she or her side of the house win HOH this week so that they can go after Jessica. I don’t think these people know how sides work.

Paul orchestrated the out of left field votes for Ramses for the sake of creating chaos, but I would hope nobody is dumb enough to fall for something so obvious. Clearly, there was only one person who continued to support Cody until the bitter end.

Josh is the first one to fall in the HOH competition after 21 minutes. Mark is next 7 minutes later. Raven drops at 45 minutes. Ramses lasts just over an hour. Kevin is right behind him. Matt is next. Jessica falls at 86 minutes, and Dominique makes it obvious that that’s all she was waiting for. The three who remain on the wall agree to keep each other safe. Jason drops. Not content with this deal, Elena asks for protection not just for herself but for everybody she wants to be kept safe. Oh, another one of these ridiculous keep half house safe deals. Elena jumps. Alex wins HOH.

Jessica would be the easy target, but she’s completely alone because her mouth and her showmance sunk her with everybody.

Who does Elena want to keep safe? Herself, Raven, Matt, Mark, Dominique, and Paul. These people don’t get the concept of a logical deal. You can’t ask for that many people to not be nominated and expect it to actually happen. Maybe if you ask for yourself and Mark, that would be reasonable.

Christmas returns from surgery. She will need at least 6 weeks in a cast but will eventually need another surgery.

Dominique suspects that she and Mark are potential targets. She is correct about that, but she is incorrect that those warnings are coming from Elena. This all started when Cody told Christmas and Paul that those were the two people who knew about his nominations. Though Christmas has been out of the house, Paul has been working hard on pretending to be in an alliance with Alex.


This nomination goes against Elena’s absurd deal, but it can easily be explained away.

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