Big Brother Season 19 Episode 8

Paul won the veto in Big Brother 19 Episode 7 and pulled Josh off the block, successfully finalizing his backdoor plan in spite of himself and nominating Cody alongside Alex and Ramses.

Can we not pretend there’s a chance anything happens other than Cody going home?

Christmas needs to have surgery on her foot. She has decided to stay in the house anyway, losing what would have been presumed to be her biggest asset, ability to compete in challenges.

Jessica is finally realizing that being attached to Cody is stupid seeing as he is a dead man walking. She attempts to talk to Christmas, who has no interest.

Cody blames Mark and Dominique for his decision to nominate Christmas. May as well blow up their games now that his is done. He suggests that she work with Alex and Jessica because they are strong females like her.

Then the house gathers for a talk show. Dominique says the obvious about there being alliances in the house. People pretend to be surprised by this statement. Cody follows this up by repeating that people knew about his plans as HOH.

Surprisingly, there has been no mention about how Ramses wasn’t an idiot willing to throw veto or how Alex is a threat. This has been a straight episode about what everybody already knew with no “clever” editing.

Jessica: Ramses
Kevin: Ramses
Christmas: Ramses
Raven: Cody
Dominique: Cody
Mark: Cody
Jason: Cody
Josh: Cody
Elena: Cody
Matt: Cody

By a vote of 7-3, Cody has been evicted from the Big Brother house. He looked like he might have potential for about one episode. Then he actually started playing the game. Really poorly. He played this big stupid individual game way too early despite having a massive alliance that would have protected him certainly longer than one week.

Julie reveals that he will have a shot of getting back into the house. Cody, Cameron, Jillian, and next week’s evictee will get a chance to compete to return. He’s certainly a threat to win that considering his competition so far. Even after one more week goes by, I don’t know that it matters seeing as he burned every person in the house, some because of stupid twists but some because he wanted to make a big move too soon and without getting any input from anybody in his alliance.

The HOH endurance competition will require them to hold on to a wall.

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