Big Brother Season 19 Episode 7

After Paul won HOH in Big Brother 19 Episode 6, his allies talked him out of his stupid plan to nominate two of them as pawns and instead target two people from the other side (as if there are two sides), Josh and Alex, but they were all surprised to see Ramses nominate himself.

Paul asks for Ramses to throw the veto, and in return, they will keep him safe. Uh… if he wins the veto, he can keep himself safe. Try making a compelling offer. Lie to him about next week if you need to because it’s obvious he will be a target then unless his dwindling group wins.

As punishment for Christmas accepting temptation, Cody, Jessica, and Jason must dress like toads and hop around all week. Jessica immediately assumes that Christmas must have won. Her attitude would seem more petty if she weren’t correct, although the reality is almost any other houseguest would have made the same choices.

Paul selects Elena at random to play in the veto competition. Matt is also chosen. That worked out as well as could be expected for the majority of the house, aside from Ramses throwing a wrench into the works, though realistically the odds of Ramses winning are slim.

Paul keeps pushing Ramses about veto. He keeps making the same awful offer to keep him safe this week. He eventually gives in and says he’ll owe him. At least that very vague promise is an improvement.

Their challenge is to answer questions that show how much they are paying attention at this airport they are at. If they answer incorrectly, they will have to complete simple challenges to advance. Most of them aren’t paying attention at first because they don’t know that’s the task. Alex is the only person to not get the first three questions incorrect. Paul at least learns from his early mistakes, unlike everybody else.

Josh – 7:48
Ramses – 7:44
Elena – 22:35
Matt – 11:32
Alex – 16:38
Paul – 4:37

Paul wins the power of veto, saving himself from some otherwise terrible gameplay. Ramses tries to play it off like he threw that. Nobody is going to believe that, even the home viewing audience that sees him just picking random answers and not even trying at that part. You want to see throwing? Speak to Elena. Better yet do middle of the road like Matt.

Now everybody pretends that this was the last straw for Ramses, as if they weren’t going to target him next week. Oh, and maybe Paul will leave the nominations the same so that Ramses will go home instead of Cody. The odds of that happening are exactly 0. No need to fill the next few minutes with fake drama.

What would a veto ceremony be without Josh running his mouth for no reason? His only saving grace is that people hate Cody so much they may choose to be amused by this creepiness.

Veto Ceremony
Paul saves Josh.
Cody is the replacement nominee.

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