Big Brother Season 19 Episode 6

The conclusion of Cody’s failure as HOH happened in Big Brother Season 19 Episode 5 when Jillian was eliminated instead of Christmas.

Mark tells Cody that he couldn’t vote against the house. Cody assumes that Josh must be one of the other votes. He also incorrectly assumes that he can trust Kevin.

This HOH competition is one where nothing building up to the finale really matters, though practice may make perfect. Almost everybody in the house begins to pass their shots to Paul. Not sure how he became the chosen one. With several times as many shots as anybody else, the strategy works. Paul wins HOH.

Not content with merely having played an awful first week as HOH, Cody continues to dig his hole. First he goes on the offensive against Ramses, one of the few people who voted with him or at least with his best friend, then he gets even more hostile toward Josh. It’s almost like he has given up because whatever happened last week, he still should be trying to create a path forward rather than burning everybody even more. Jessica’s not doing much better. They continue to berate Josh like what kept happening to Megan before she quit.

It doesn’t end there. When someone shouts “Who wants to see my HOH room?” you’re supposed to put on a fake smile and pretend to be interested. Not Jessica. She hides in the diary room instead. Cody at least goes upstairs with an angry look on his face for a few minutes.

Paul doesn’t want to just play it straight and nominate people he actually wants to be sent home. Rather, he proposes to put Matt and Raven up as pawns. Such a rookie strategy from someone who’s supposed to be a veteran. His allies object and ask why he doesn’t put up two people from the other side, assuming there are still sides.

The den of temptation is back again. Two years ago they tried BB Takeover, a twist every single week, and dropped it after about two weeks after realizing it was stupid. I think we’re stuck with this one.

Christmas is the one who receives this week’s temptation. She will be able to choose any veto competition she wants to play in at any time. Nowhere near as powerful as Paul’s temptation.

The consequence of this reward is that she can turn three people into vetoads this week: Jason, Cody, and Jessica.

Realizing that his original plan was stupid, Paul has two new pawns, Alex and Josh. Still not a very smart plan, but the twist helps.

Ramses (nominates himself)

Ramses using his curse to nominate himself is wise because the house may not still be out for blood next week. The wrench this throws into the nominations is that Ramses cannot be replaced if he pulls himself off the block, meaning that Paul’s original nominations would stand. This is why you make sure the people on the block are actually people you want to go home. At least he realized he should nominate people he thinks are disposable.

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