Big Brother Season 19 Episode 5

The wheel of almost everybody in the house being safe continued to spin in Big Big Brother 19 Episode 4. Alex pulled herself off the block after winning the veto, then Paul saved himself with his pendant, making the final nominations Christmas and Jillian.

I don’t get who these nominations benefit. Paul perhaps because he is saved by one of the many lame twists.

The rest of Cody’s group doesn’t know anything, but they are still facing the fallout of his actions. The easiest resolution may be to just cut ties with him completely and leave him out there to be eaten on his own.

Cody blames the game for ruining his game. He has a point to an extent. Having to nominate five people week one is stupid. But he had less chaotic options that would have been boring and predictable but at least not against people who thought they were his allies.

Mark and Jessica still trust Cody. Jason may be willing to come over to their side, if only for as long as they are in power.

Every morning, Jason and Christmas dance around the house. One slip, and Christmas is pretty sure she broke her foot. She’s worried she may have to leave the game. Even if she doesn’t have to medically evac, people may want to vote her out rather than keep her in the game to suffer or get taken out eventually anyway. If she does get taken out for medical reasons, then Cody can nominate a sixth person. It’s absurd that is even a consideration.

Ultimately, though this may sway some votes, she seems capable of staying in the house, albeit as a much weaker physical player for weeks, perhaps the entire summer.

Jessica: Christmas
Jason: Christmas
Kevin: Jillian
Matt: Jillian
Raven: Jillian
Paul: Jillian
Ramses: Christmas
Dominique: Jillian
Alex: Christmas
Elena: Jillian
Mark: Jillian
Josh: Jillian

By a vote of 8-4, Jillian has been evicted from the Big Brother house. I’m not sure this was a good move or a bad move, but the way Cody played his hand this week, maybe there was no good move. Nobody wins here, except maybe Paul, who has it in his head that his three weeks of safety means that he can just stir the pot without consequence. Maybe he will have better luck than Neda from Big Brother Canada, who was evicted an hour after her safety expired.

The HOH competition is a promotion for Candy Crush, a new show. This is the sort of thing we get instead of two seasons of The Amazing Race. Their challenge is to search for candy containing tickets and redeem those tickets for balls to take a shot and try to hit the center. If this is anything like the Candy Crush game, they’ll need to pay money to advance very far.

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