Big Brother Season 19 Episode 4

Megan finally quit the game in Big Brother 19 Episode 3 after multiple people attacked her, some self-inflicted and some just people being mean for no apparent reason. Her replacement on the block was the much more dangerous Alex.

Jessica believes that Cody got emotional about nominating Alex, which she thinks is cute… except when it’s aimed toward Alex.

Alex perhaps realizes it was stupid of her to tell the truth to Cody that she was going to come after him, but she knows the girls on his side don’t like her. Not because they are racists. She’s a geeky gamer girl who doesn’t fit in that clique.

Because Paul accepted a temptation of three weeks of safety, someone will randomly be cursed. Since the number two was chosen, that will be whoever is the second person to enter the den. Ramses must place himself on the block as a special third nominee at one of the next three ceremonies.

Cody randomly selects Matt to play in the veto competition. Alex chooses Raven. Jillian picks Jason, who wants to save Alex.

Their goal for the veto competition is to stack starfish, which they may do for as long as they can keep water in their timers. Raven accepts the temptation, which will allow her to not be a have not for the rest of the season at the expense of losing the competition she probably didn’t even want to win all that much. Matt accepts a score of 10, hoping everybody else will bust. Unlikely. Jason scores 14. Seeing Alex is going to win anyway and not minding that, Cody gives up. Alex scores 16. Jillian scores 10. Alex wins veto.

Cody could have played that a lot smarter. It’s obvious he threw it when he scored a 2 after knocking down his stack and then standing there rather than running back and refilling his time. His defense is that he probably wasn’t going to win anyway, but he stopped even trying.

Paul approaches Cody to have a conversation. So he thinks. Instead, Cody continues brushing his teeth and says nothing. This is weird, no matter how selectively edited it is. Christmas tells Paul he’s not alone. Cody behaves that way with everybody. I’m not sure that’s really true, not with his inner circle, but this is behavior we keep seeing.

He is more willing to discuss something with Jason. He asks for safety. For seven people: the couples and Dominique. Not at all unreasonable. The names he leaves out are the two who were just chatting with each other, Paul and Christmas.

Veto Ceremony
Alex saves herself.
Cody nominates Paul as the replacement.

Except Paul is safe because of the temptation. This is getting ridiculous and stupid. Cody has nominated four people already and now has to name a fifth, 1/3 of the entire cast.

Cody chooses Christmas as the replacement nominee. He’s hanging people “on his side” out to dry while leaving the other admittedly not very threatening side safe.

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