Big Brother Season 19 Episode 3

Megan had a bad night in Big Brother Season 19 Episode 2. First Josh seemingly randomly started shouting at her and then did so again. Then Cody told her he nominated her alongside Jillian because he doesn’t like her, though his tune would have been different if he found her attractive.

The showmances are out of control for so early in the season. Mark and Elena, Jessica and Cody, and Matt and Raven have already hooked up.

Cody must nominate have nots, but he doesn’t have to since enough people volunteer. Josh, Ramses, Megan, Jillian, and Paul volunteer. Those were going to be his targets anyway.

Jessica calls Alex PaoPao after BB16’s Paola. Megan brings word of that to Alex, changing the name to Panda and complaining that Jessica must be a racist. If Megan’s trying to make friends, making fake accusations of racism aren’t the way, even if it is all just a misunderstanding. After Jessica and Alex chat, it looks like Megan may have just blown up one of the few relationships she did have. Alex is even more vocal about hating her now than any of the others have been.

As hours pass and people start questioning where she went, they are eventually informed that Megan has left the game. We see this sort of thing all the time on Survivor, but it’s rare on Big Brother. The producers usually guilt people into staying. Dick is the last person I remember leaving six years ago. They provide the explanation that she is leaving “due to an urgent personal matter” (the standard BB explanation), but it seems pretty obvious what happened. This makes sense. She was a dead woman walking with not only people not getting along with her but seemingly outright hating her. Probably didn’t see much point in sticking around and suffering and potentially sticking her foot in her mouth again.

Megan was the target and is gone, so Cody must nominate a replacement. He is very satisfied with that result. His allies want to get rid of Alex, but he respects her as a competitor.

Paul takes the have not temptation, which gives him a 50/50 chance of either getting out of it or extending it. This gamble pays off for him.

The den of temptation is now revealed to the houseguests. Is it even a question who gets the first one? People are going to vote for what they know, which means one person. Paul is tempted with safety for the first three weeks, which he accepts, a secret unless he is nominated. The consequence is to put one person to be revealed later in danger for those three weeks.

Cody offers Alex the chance to come over and play nice. She’s not playing that game. Rather, she is honest and tells him she would break up his group if she won HOH.


I don’t know what she was trying to accomplish, and Alex may have just sealed her own fate.

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