Big Brother Season 19 Episode 2

We started in typical excessive twist fashion in Big Brother Season 19 Episode 1, finishing with the rapid eviction of Cameron.

Paul calls them stupid for getting rid of the nerd rather than the competition beast. When he puts it like that, maybe it doesn’t sound so bad. They took out a potential strategist while keeping a massive target/shield.

Now we find out the votes. Matt, Mark, and Cody voted for Jillian; Jason and Josh voted for Christmas.

Megan is worried, correctly, that the votes came from the guys. Josh knows for sure that the girls are forming against them because, as one of the first eliminated in that competition, he was privy to the discussion where Megan said the strong guys need to go.

Josh wasn’t even on the block and hasn’t really had to do anything at all, but he’s already breaking down about how hard it is.

Now they are greeted by Paul’s best buddy Nicole to host the HOH competition. Kevin has no idea who she is, but everybody else is excited.

They divide into teams.

Orange: Jason, Alex, Christmas, Ramses
Yellow: Elena, Jillian, Kevin, Josh
Pink: Dominique, Jessica, Cody, Matt
Blue: Paul, Mark, Raven, Megan

One player from each team will race across vines to retrieve an apple. They are offered temptation in the form of individual safety, but that will come at the cost of their team being eliminated.

Kevin has to throw HOH because he took the money, which means he’ll need to take down his team with him. No need to worry about all that. Josh immediately grabs the golden apple, safety for him, elimination for the yellow team. He’s paranoid that people are gunning for him. If they weren’t before, they are now, even if they have to wait a week.

The other teams are running pretty close to each other. Pink team wins on the back of Cody’s strong performance. Blue places second with Mark finishing despite injuring himself.

Not content with just screwing over his team, Josh follows up his competition loss by going after Megan and calling her a snake.

One person from each of the top two teams must now balance apples on trees. Paul and Cody compete against each other. Cody wins HOH.

Yelling at her during the competition wasn’t enough. Josh goes after Megan again when they get back inside the house. I would say he’s losing it if he had something to lose in the first place. He explains that it is just strategy, blowing her up to make her the bigger target.

It seems there is a gender split, but Cody has a different idea. He doesn’t like Paul or even want to try.

Cody, Mark, and Matt form an alliance. Perhaps not the brightest alliance but one of the most physically strong.

Megan attempts to have a conversation with Cody. Good luck with that. She has about as much success as Paul did earlier. He eventually makes his intentions clear in the diary room. He wants to work with the pretty people, not the outcasts.


He tells Megan he nominated her because he doesn’t like her. This guy could use some lessons in tact.

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