Big Brother Season 19 Episode 31

After he won the power of veto in Big Brother Season 19 Episode 30, Jason refused the wishes of everybody in the house for a change and did not use it, keeping Kevin safe from what he suspected as a plot from his closest allies. That leaves the last remaining showmance, Matt and Raven, on the block. I guess I could say this no matter what since by this point in the season we have gotten to almost all least liked people left, but does it really matter who goes home? I can’t point to anything either of them has done.

We now proceed with our night of yelling. Oh. This again. Paul pulls Raven aside and tells her to keep her mouth shut and let Matt be the idiot because he’s probably going home. Of course, she doesn’t listen.

Jason acknowledges he was one of the votes for Matt last week. Alex keeps quiet about being the other.

Following that, Paul continues his crusade against Kevin. At least Paul has a legitimate complaint. Kevin is trying to stack the jury by being nice, but to be fair, he is a nice guy. Christmas, on the other hand, picks a fight with him for no reason, but she doesn’t want to make a big deal about it, unlike returning to true form Josh, who makes a big deal out of everything. After he’s done yelling at people, which he chose to do in a conversation that did not involve him, Josh breaks down crying. The same tired pattern.

Thanks to Christmas, the voice of reason, they did get something out of that. Kevin refused to swear on his kids about winning the $25,000, though he swore on his kids about the second vote last week an hour earlier. This confirms to them that he did win the money and also that Alex was the second vote, making she and her cowboy the biggest threats.

We head to the jury house for the first time, where we meet the only people smart enough to realize what a threat Paul is. If he gets to the end, he deserves to win. I’m not sure he is playing a great game so much as everybody else is so stupid.

Matt gets a penalty vote for ignoring the have not rule. I don’t think he had any chance of staying, but at least try instead of deliberately throwing it away.

Big Brother: Matt
Alex: Matt
Kevin: Matt
Paul: Matt
Christmas: Matt
Josh: Matt

By a vote of 6-0, Matt has been evicted from the Big Brother house.

They were claiming that Kevin was trying to stack the jury, but his goodbye messsage is simple. “Take care. Goodbye.” Not a dumb message but hardly buttering him up.

The HOH competition has been postponed by rain.

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Big Brother Season 19 Episode 30

Jason won HOH in Big Brother Season 19 Episode 29, forcing someone to actually make a move (possibly), and he nominated one of the other couples, Matt and Raven.

Alex pretends that Kevin is mean in an effort to get rid of him. That would certainly be the safe vote that almost everybody in the house could agree on, as usual.

Jason selects Josh at random to play in the veto competition. Matt selects Paul. Raven picks Kevin.

Paul plans to win so he can save Raven and stir up some drama with Kevin, but the HOH thinks this plan sounds fishy. Of course it is.

The mostly dumb luck veto competition requires them to hide their vetoes and then try to find them until only one remains hidden. Kevin’s as bad at this as he is at every other competition. He thinks it’s disrespectful to tear the house apart searching. Jason is the first to find a veto, locating Josh’s in the freezer. Then Raven finds Matt’s, which someone else already uncovered but didn’t notice. She follows that with another one hidden by Kevin, slightly more difficult to find inside a pillow. Matt finds the fourth one somewhere (turns out to be Paul’s), and Jason finds the fifth one also somewhere (Raven’s). Jason wins the power of veto, despite the fact that his strategy was to hide it in the most obvious place in a cushion that everybody flipped but didn’t look at closely enough.

As much as Paul and Alex want Kevin on the block, he and Jason are buddies. He stands to lose more than he can gain from that. The reaction from Alex and Paul is of very clear disapproval, and he may finally be catching on. Christmas joins in. Rather than demanding that he put Kevin on the block like Alex is unconvincingly doing, Christmas tells him why it may be a good game move. He’s mean and I say so is not a good argument. Keeping Matt and Raven happy for a few days before backstabbing them isn’t either.

Matt asks not to be saved and for Raven to be saved instead. I’m not sure if that is him being oblivious or willing to throw away his game for a girl. Probably a bit of both.

Veto Ceremony
Veto is not used.

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Big Brother Season 19 Episode 29

The predictability continued in Big Brother Season 19 Episode 28 with the elimination of Mark.

We find out what happened with those stray votes. Jason, Alex, and Paul were trying to make people think Kevin went rogue. Then Alex’s mind went blank, so there were two votes instead.

As we start the endurance HOH competition, all three couples are rooting for Paul as one of the people they want to win. These people are so clueless. He has no need to win because nobody is going to target him.

Kevin is the first to fall at 17 minutes. Matt doesn’t last much longer. Josh drops at half an hour, and since Christmas was HOH last week, that eliminates that pair. Raven is already trying to make a deal. At 53 minutes, Paul takes a dive, and Raven is a few seconds behind him. Alex and Jason are the only two left, but they refuse to give it to the other, annoying the rest of the house while proving they are challenge threats. For all the alleged drama, this seems to carry out in real time because it’s only 61 minutes by the time Jason wins HOH.

Josh suspects that the rogue vote came from Kevin. What about the other one?

Jason is not as willing to play along as Alex is, and he admits who voted for Matt. He wants him to keep his mouth shut about it. Easier said than done.

Alex sends in Paul to pretend that Matt and Raven are pawns (again) because she never talks to them, two months in.

Josh is starting to get suspicious about Paul because he sees him surrounding himself with everybody. It’s a little late for that.


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Big Brother Season 19 Episode 28

Same old, same old in Big Brother Season 19 Episode 27. This week’s house target, Mark, was added to the block against perpetual pawn Matt.

We’re going to spend half the episode pretending Mark might not go home. It doesn’t make sense for him to. There are clearly multiple sides, but none of them take shots at each other or at Paul, the guy who’s lying to everybody but they are too stupid to notice or have watched very closely last year. The only person smart enough to realize this was Cody, which resulted in his eviction nearly two months ago. They just keep going after the people they don’t like who are not part of anything.

Mark’s last last ditch effort is to convince Alex and Jason to keep him, a plan that didn’t work for Cody. Kevin can’t stand Matt and Raven, so he would have no problem with this plan if Mark can secure a majority. Kevin’s not about to rock the boat.

Julie wants to keep stalling, but Mark ruins that and lets us know he’s going home by telling us his final comp was rough. After two commercial breaks and a visit with Jason’s family, it’s time to vote.

Raven: Mark
Josh: Mark
Kevin: Mark
Jason: Matt
Alex: Matt
Paul: Mark

By a vote of 4-2, Mark has been evicted from the Big Brother house. The only surprising thing about that is that Matt lost two sympathy votes from an opposing couple. If you need to give him a sympathy vote, why make it so obvious you’re always voting together instead of just one? The choices to root for keep getting slimmer.

The endurance HOH competition requires them to keep standing in giant hot dog buns that move.

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Big Brother Season 19 Episode 27

After Christmas won HOH in Big Brother Season 19 Episode 26, she put yet more pawns on the block, Matt and Jason. Different week, same story.

Christmas chooses Raven to play in the veto competition (houseguest’s choice), but she cannot explain why. Matt picks Paul (houseguest’s choice). Jason picks Mark.

One person against the house as usual. The veto competition will have them running back and forth on a slippery path to fill a tank on the opposite side. They can choose to fill a smaller bowl instead to grab a larger scoop. After losing last year, Paul doesn’t try to get the bigger scoop. Matt is the only other person to make that decision. It soon becomes clear that neither Mark nor Raven have a chance of winning. Jason releases the big scoop when Paul’s about half done, with which he can make eight trips, enough to give him a bit of a lead. Probably not worth the effort, but regardless Jason easily wins the power of veto.

Mark’s last ditch effort is to convince them that Alex (or just about anybody else) is a much bigger threat than the guy who is all alone. We already know the story here, though. No big surprise moves. Consistently, boringly predictable.

Veto Ceremony
Jason saves himself.
Mark is the replacement nominee.

Christmas explains to Mark that by listening to him speak, she has fulfilled the favor she agreed she owed him when she was on the block. This is such pathetic explanation. If your word is meaningless, at least don’t remind everybody.

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Big Brother Season 19 Episode 26

The double eviction in Big Brother Season 9 Episode 24 saw two predictable boots: Cody and Elena.

The HOH competition requires them to solve slowly revealed word clues based on which evicted houseguest they relate to. Raven eliminates Mark, accomplishing the houseguests’ mission in the first round. Paul eliminates Alex. Christmas beats Kevin. Josh beats Matt. Paul beats Raven to move to the finals; Christmas beats Josh to move to the finals. Paul answers that the fourth HOH was Cameron, who was eliminated on night one, allowing Christmas to win HOH.

Everybody is satisfied with that result. That will last about as long as Mark doesn’t save himself because in that case they’ll have to show their true colors. Alex promptly puts a backup plan in process: throw Kevin under the bus. The drama that ensues helps convince Josh that Cody’s lies about Jason and Alex trying to flip the house are true.

They’re not going to go straight after Mark, so the season of bad pawn games continues.

Paul has identified three power couples in the house, and he wants to be the third wheel to all of them. Christmas sees the same scenario, so she will nominate members of the other two couples.

Before we get to that, the tree of temptation is revealed. It will allow them the opportunity to win reward or punishment. Mark is the first to bite because he has nothing to lose. His prize is the ability to save a friend, not very useful since all of his friends are gone.

Oh, and Matt volunteers to be a pawn. Again. His explanation is that everybody must have a turn… or three. Jason also volunteers, exactly what Christmas wanted.

Mark wastes his save a friend power on Paul.


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Big Brother Season 19 Episode 24

The plan came together in Big Brother Season 19 Episode 23. Even though Matt won the power of veto, he was dumb enough to leave himself on the block, but he’s up against two much larger targets, Cody and Elena. Despite being a physical threat, nobody is worried about Matt because he doesn’t have much else going for him other than a showmance. That vote is the first in a double eviction night.

In addition to Alex having reason to be upset at Elena, Josh has decided yet again that he has less issue with Cody than with somebody else and proceeds to pick a fight with Elena. Last time, Cody was too dumb to play along, but this time, he’s just chilling out back while these loud idiots scream at each other.

But it’s all just talk. Cody uses his goodbye speech to spill the beans about Alex and Jason, two people he foolishly tried to ally with. He had to try something, but something with a chance of success maybe would have been better. In his defense, perhaps they were always going to take the safe route this week, so it was futile.

Paul: Cody
Mark: Cody
Kevin: Cody
Josh: Cody
Raven: Cody
Jason: Cody
Christmas: Cody

By a vote of 7-0-0, Cody has been evicted from the Big Brother house again. He does not say a word to anyone on the way out. As for his goodbye speech, it was just an act. They never really told him anything of use. He just wanted to stir the pot because these people keep going after those in the middle (or worse yet their allies), and nobody is taking a swing at their actual enemies.

The HOH competition is shuffleboard disc sliding to try to get closest the edge. Josh beats Matt and chooses Mark and Elena to compete against each other. Mark narrowly beats Elena and chooses Josh and Christmas. Christmas wins and chooses Raven and Mark. Mark wins and chooses Christmas and Kevin. Christmas wins and chooses Mark again and Jason. Jason beats Mark. Christmas wins again. Then Christmas, who’s been shoving her disc almost to the end, suspiciously comes up way short. Jason wins HOH.

Mark, Elena, Matt, Raven, but pretend that Matt and Raven are with them so that they are too dumb to realize they are taking out potential allies. We know the drill how this is going to go.


The veto competition requires them to solve three puzzles. Jason and Mark are running neck and neck, and nobody else is even competitive. Some of them can’t even solve the first puzzle. Mark wins again. These people keep talking about what a threat Elena is, which I don’t see. Supposedly she’s got a good social game. This guy keeps winning and saving himself.

Veto Ceremony
Mark saves himself.
Matt is the replacement nominee.

Matt, take the hint already. You’re not a team player if you are not actually on the team. He’s not in any danger, but there’s a reason why Jason didn’t nominate somebody else who also would not have been in any danger.

Raven: Elena
Alex: Elena
Mark: Matt
Josh: Elena
Paul: Elena
Christmas: Elena
Kevin: Elena

By a vote of 6-1, Elena has been evicted from the Big Brother house.

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Big Brother Season 19 Episode 23

Alex nominated a group of pawns in Big Brother Season 19 Episode 22, or so the theory goes. She wouldn’t really care if any of them other than Jason leaves, as he on the block alongside two showmance members, Matt and Elena, who she needs to get rid of eventually anyway. For as dangerous as Cody has been seen to be, without a partner in crime, he’s potentially more of a helpful number.

Alex and Paul are discussing their options for who should be with them going forward. Kevin does not make the cut. He continues to get closer to Cody and everybody else, but he assumes they are also on his side and the couples are the danger.

Mark is chosen at random to play in the veto competition. Alex chooses Paul to play (houseguest’s choice).

The veto competition requires them to launch arrows at a map from a slowly spinning platform to try to hit the highest number. Not entirely dumb luck, but luck will be a main factor.

Alex scores a 26. Matt gets 28, and so does Mark. Elena scores 22, and so does Jason. Paul scores 9 and loses the first round. He wins the power of veto. Matt scores 24. Mark scores 18. Elena scores 19, and so does Jason. Alex scores 25, and Mark is eliminated. He wins a trip to Colorado. Elena scores 1. Jason goes out of bounds. Alex scores 12. Matt scores 11. Jason is eliminated and wins the ability to be tandemed together with another houseguest for 48 hours, which he trades for the veto. Alex scores 14. Matt scores 2. Elena scores 7. Matt is eliminated and wins extremeitard, which he trades for the veto. Elena and Alex make a deal tht they won’t curse each other with punishments. Elena scores 17. Alex goes out of bounds. Alex wins $5,000. Elena wins the ability to carry camping equipment at all times, build a campsite, and cook everybody hot dogs for a week. She trades it for the $5,000.

That leaves the power of veto in Matt’s hands. What? I don’t see how Elena can win, so $5k maybe is worth the risk. As the third nominee, if Matt saves himself he cannot be replaced, which would blow up the Cody backdoor plan. With 7 votes to evict, they could potentially make a power move here. They have four potentially easy votes, but they’ll need a fifth to strike a blow to the alliance and make one of Alex’s closest allies go home on her own HOH. They are so concerned about winning veto or preventing Cody from winning it that they don’t think this far ahead. Lucky for them, Cody isn’t thinking that way either and immediately wonders how he can now get in good with the HOH and make Elena go home.

Alex’s immediate reaction to losing the money is that she wants Elena gone.

Cody lets Alex know what he’s told her from the beginning. Even though Jessica may have hated her, he has been trying to work with her from the beginning. And she has been refusing from the beginning.

In addition to the veto, Matt wins an Outback meal and invites Mark, Elena, Paul, Alex, and Jason, everybody who played in the veto competition. Very diplomatic choice. Paul forfeits his spot in favor of his tandem partner Christmas.

They want Matt to use the power of veto to save the only person who is not in immediate danger of going home, Jason.

Veto Ceremony
Matt uses the power of veto to save Jason.
Cody is the replacement nominee.

This is a dumb move on so many levels. Matt has left himself in danger to please people who are not in his side. Still, getting rid of Cody would benefit him because even though they need to work together, they won’t.

This could potentially go either way. What Cody has going for him is that nobody trusts him and so he could flip to either side, whereas they know Elena won’t work with them. Alex says she has the power to make sure whomever she wants to go does, but that’s not true since she only votes in the event of a tie.

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