Big Brother Season 19 Episode 31

After he won the power of veto in Big Brother Season 19 Episode 30, Jason refused the wishes of everybody in the house for a change and did not use it, keeping Kevin safe from what he suspected as a plot from his closest allies. That leaves the last remaining showmance, Matt and Raven, on the block. I guess I could say this no matter what since by this point in the season we have gotten to almost all least liked people left, but does it really matter who goes home? I can’t point to anything either of them has done.

We now proceed with our night of yelling. Oh. This again. Paul pulls Raven aside and tells her to keep her mouth shut and let Matt be the idiot because he’s probably going home. Of course, she doesn’t listen.

Jason acknowledges he was one of the votes for Matt last week. Alex keeps quiet about being the other.

Following that, Paul continues his crusade against Kevin. At least Paul has a legitimate complaint. Kevin is trying to stack the jury by being nice, but to be fair, he is a nice guy. Christmas, on the other hand, picks a fight with him for no reason, but she doesn’t want to make a big deal about it, unlike returning to true form Josh, who makes a big deal out of everything. After he’s done yelling at people, which he chose to do in a conversation that did not involve him, Josh breaks down crying. The same tired pattern.

Thanks to Christmas, the voice of reason, they did get something out of that. Kevin refused to swear on his kids about winning the $25,000, though he swore on his kids about the second vote last week an hour earlier. This confirms to them that he did win the money and also that Alex was the second vote, making she and her cowboy the biggest threats.

We head to the jury house for the first time, where we meet the only people smart enough to realize what a threat Paul is. If he gets to the end, he deserves to win. I’m not sure he is playing a great game so much as everybody else is so stupid.

Matt gets a penalty vote for ignoring the have not rule. I don’t think he had any chance of staying, but at least try instead of deliberately throwing it away.

Big Brother: Matt
Alex: Matt
Kevin: Matt
Paul: Matt
Christmas: Matt
Josh: Matt

By a vote of 6-0, Matt has been evicted from the Big Brother house.

They were claiming that Kevin was trying to stack the jury, but his goodbye messsage is simple. “Take care. Goodbye.” Not a dumb message but hardly buttering him up.

The HOH competition has been postponed by rain.

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