Big Brother Season 19 Episode 32

Nobody wanted Matt to stay in the house in Big Brother Season 19 Episode 31, not even Matt himself, and he ended up getting his wish and elimination.

Paul wants Kevin, Alex, and Raven to throw the competition to either Josh or Christmas, and he tells them he can’t win because he wouldn’t want to get any blood on his hands (not at all suspicious). Alex won’t throw it until Kevin is gone and Raven won’t throw it until Alex is gone, but other than that, everybody seems to be buying it. His end goal, aside from making sure he doesn’t have to pick a side, is for Jason and Alex to be split up.

The HOH competition is track and field. Christmas is allowed to compete. Their task is to hold buttons and then race down the track after they see the words ready, set, go. Kevin loses the first round to the girl on crutches, not unusual for Kevin but blatantly obvious. In the next round, Alex also blatantly false starts. Nobody is even trying to make this look good. Raven follows suit. Not wanting it either, Paul also false starts. This is one of the dumbest competitions ever. Lastly, Josh false starts. The girl on crutches wins the running competition that was actually just a bunch of idiots “accidentally” letting go of buttons.

Christmas doesn’t even have to ask. Alex quickly offers to be a pawn. This same plot just keeps playing over and over. These producers need new writers. Or a new cast.

Everybody is too afraid to touch the tree of temptation.


Alex is still in denial, but Jason is getting suspicious.

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