Big Brother Season 19 Episode 33

The entire house handed Christmas HOH in Big Brother Season 19 Episode 32, and she used it to target the last other remaining duo, Alex and Jason.

Paul plays dumb, and Jason knows it. He’s aware that Paul knows what is going on in the house because they have been following him around since the beginning because he was a vet. I was hoping at some point someone else could earn the distinction of being called that.

Josh also plays dumb, but it’s Josh. Easy to sell.

Jason jokingly (apparently) says that he hears that Josh has an alliance with Christmas. Isn’t it obvious? Josh accuses Paul of being the one telling him everything, and Christmas warns him that she’s angry and he can’t say anything like that again. The guys are sort of figuring things out, but the women are trying to keep them in their delusion about Paul being on anybody’s side.

Christmas picks Kevin at random to participate in the power of veto competition. Alex chooses Raven. Jason picks Paul (houseguest’s choice).

The veto competition is Punch, Slap, Kick, in which they will be punched, slapped, and kicked and must recall the sequence and answer multiple guess questions like “Which action happened four times?” Everybody but Jason gets the first question correct. Alex, Paul, and Raven are correct on the second question. Only Raven is correct on the third question, but she is the only one incorrect on the fourth question. Kevin and Raven are incorrect on the fifth question. Alex and Paul are tied for the lead while Jason and Kevin have been mathematically eliminated. Everybody is correct other than Raven on the final question so they go to a tiebreaker. With encouragement from Jason, Alex decides not to throw it. Both are correct again and again. Both are incorrect next time. This keeps going. Finally, Paul wins the power of veto.

Josh proposes not using the power because that will protect all three of them. Of course, Paul is not interested in protecting all three of them, so it’s not going to happen. Josh continues to get suspicious. Christmas continues to remain in denial, and she again gets mad at him this time because he walked away from talking to a wall. He’s stuck with this alliance whether they ignore him or not.

Veto Ceremony
Paul saves Alex.
Kevin is the replacement.

The excuse is that Kevin is the only person who has never been on the block. Paul points out he hasn’t been on the block either, which was conveniently forgotten. Kevin is afraid that he may have thrown his game away when he threw the veto away.

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