Big Brother Season 19 Episode 34

Paul won the power of veto and did what he planned with it in Big Brother Season 19 Episode 33, saving Alex who was replaced with Kevin to go up against Jason.

The theory is that he doesn’t want to get any blood on his hands, but I don’t really get it. With 4 votes to evict, in order to get rid of Jason, Paul must vote him out, unless Christmas is dumb enough to let Paul send a tie to her, which based on what we saw last night would not be all that surprising but really does not make any amount of sense.

And so we start off the show and find out that is precisely his plan. Please don’t tell me these people are this dumb. The only person who benefits from a tiebreaker is Paul. Again.

Once again, Josh attempts to be the voice of reason. Yeah, Josh is the voice of reason.

Alex: Kevin
Raven: Jason
Paul: Kevin
Josh: Jason

The vote is tied 2-2. HOH Christmas has the deciding vote and votes to evict Jason. This is one of the dumbest seasons ever. He leaves without saying anything to anyone, not even Alex, who runs after him as he exits.

Following the eviction, Josh and Paul stage a fake fight in which Paul asks if the same thing would have happened to him. Then Jason talks to Julie, telling her he doesn’t know who turned on him. Perhaps Josh can shed some light on it. He admits his part but gives all the credit/blame to Paul. Right after that, we see Paul’s less convincing video, denying any responsibility.

The double eviction continues with a real/fake news HOH competition about events that may or may not have taken place in the house this summer. Everybody gets the first question correct. Raven, Kevin, and Alex are correct on the second question. Everybody is correct on the next question. Everybody except Kevin is correct on the fourth question. Josh and Alex are the only ones correct on the fifth question. Everybody is correct on the next question. As we go to the final headline, Alex has gotten everything correct, while Josh and Raven can only hope to tie her. Everybody but Kevin is correct on the final question. Alex wins HOH.


And you thought she was going to seek revenge for what just happened. This gets worse and worse. These people aren’t even trying.

With six people left, everybody plays in the power of veto competition. They will race to find limes in a pile of lemons, which they will then drop from atop the stairs into tubes. The tube dropping is harder than it looks, and people keep missing. Alex hasn’t been finding the most, but she does have the best aim and is two ahead of anybody else. Raven and Josh eventually pull even with her at three each. Josh seems like he’s been taking the most shots, and he ends up pulling ahead and winning the power of veto, which he wouldn’t have if Julie weren’t rushing him since she had to keep telling him during his celebration it doesn’t count if he doesn’t press his button.

Veto Ceremony
Veto is not used.

Kevin or Raven? Once again, it doesn’t matter. What a weak HOH.

Paul: Raven
Christmas: Raven
Josh: Kevin

By a vote of 2-1, Raven has been evicted from the Big Brother house. Did Paul make Josh vote differently for the sake of casting doubt? Josh profusely apologizes to Raven as she leaves the house and he again breaks down crying. What is with these people? Their logic does not resemble our Earth logic. As far as Alex’s target, it wasn’t Raven, but her alleged ally Paul didn’t care.

Julie makes an announcement of something I actually wasn’t expecting, unlike almost everything else that has happened on this show the past several weeks. This winter, there will be a special Big Brother. No, not that CBS All Access nonsense. Rather, Celebrity Big Brother will be happening.

Stay tuned to dingoRUE for another recap of Big Brother Season 19 Episode 35, which airs Sunday at 8/7c on CBS.

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