Big Brother Season 19 Episode 35

The double eviction thankfully got us closer to the end of the game in Big Brother Season 19 Episode 34. First Jason went home on a planned split vote that only served to get no blood on Paul’s hands, then Raven was eliminated in a thoroughly pointless HOH.

Paul talked Alex into making the stupid nominations she did, and once again she bought it. She did instruct Josh to vote out Kevin, which he did, but adding insult to injury, he was the only one to play along with her obvious wishes since she has been trying to get rid of Kevin for weeks. After being screwed over twice in half an hour, she’s starting to talk like someone who realizes she’s been getting played this whole time. That makes Christmas the last remaining wall who refuses to see Paul’s game even a little.

Same story from Paul. He wants everybody to throw the competition along with him so that some other idiot can do the dirty work. The plan is for Josh to win and take out Alex. That would be par for the course for this season. Josh talks tough about how he’s going to do what he wants, but I haven’t seen anything to convince me of that.

The HOH competition is based on a BB Comics movie trailer they are shown. Josh, Christmas, and Kevin get the first one correct. Everybody gets the second question correct. Everybody other than Kevin gets the third question correct. Paul is the only one go get the next question correct. Only Kevin gets the next question correct, which makes everybody tied. Josh is the only person correct on the next question. Everybody is incorrect on the next question. Josh wins HOH.

Though he came a lot closer than he usually does, Kevin threw the competition, so he tells us, under the impression that Christmas was going to win.


Predictable as always.

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