Big Brother Season 19 Episode 36

After everybody else threw the HOH again in Big Brother Season 19 Episode 35, Josh won and predictably nominated Kevin and Alex.

It’s a surprise eviction episode. Nobody is sad. Let’s get this season over with.

Josh’s awful ally, Christmas, continues to get worse. She refuses to tell him she will take him to the final two.

The veto competition is to match BB Comics with those on the wall. Christmas has not been medically cleared for this one that involves climbing a ladder and running around.

Kevin – 45:00 (time expires)
Alex – 14:34
Josh – 24:36
Paul – 12:10

Paul wins the power of veto. Isn’t it convenient how he can win veto but can’t win HOH to save his life? The warning signs keep flashing, people.

Paul is finally honest with Alex. Sort of. For once. He will not be using the veto on her. Paul needs to tread carefully here. He has duped all these idiots, which they are at long last realizing, but he’s not doing it in a way that will make them remember him fondly as they head to jury.

Veto Ceremony
Veto is not used.

Christmas: Alex
Paul: Kevin

It’s tied again. What a gutless vote. Once again, Paul refuses to accept responsibility for his plan. We’ve passed the point of not wanting to get blood on his hands into a blatant strategy that nobody is buying (too late). Josh votes to evict Alex.

The HOH competition requires them to fill in blanks of statements from their fellow houseguests. Everybody gets the first question correct. Paul gets the second question correct. Everybody get the third question correct. Paul is the only one to get the fourth and fifth questions correct. With only two questions remaining and a clean sweep, Paul wins HOH.

Paul has not won HOH since week 1. Now he is somehow able to win it in the week in which his power does not matter and all the blood goes on somebody else’s hands, typically the veto winner. Again, where is the alarm in these people’s heads? It’s not like he’s Dr. Will and throwing every single competition to look incompetent. He only wins when it benefits only him, let his team be damned, all 12 of them.

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