Big Brother Season 19 Episode 37

Paul finished turning on Alex in Big Brother Season 19 Episode 36 and had his idiot minions send her packing, then he won HOH for the first time since June. As for those who remain, they still don’t seem suspicious, except for Josh, who should be suspicious of everybody because of the terrible allies he has picked and is now stuck with.


The final four nominations are largely symbolic, but they still mean something. Christmas is the one Paul should trust most because she is so awful at this game she would consider going against him in the finals.

Matt goes to the jury house, the only place he is going to find any common sense in this game. He was taken out despite the plan to “backdoor” Kevin, the guy who has lost almost every competition in spectacular fashion. Then there’s Cody. He doesn’t care at all, the same sentiments shared by a lot of people about this season.

Jason comes in and tells the story. They were going to backdoor Kevin. Honest. He’s a massive challenge threat. Jason is so far gone that he blames Alex. She didn’t do anything but make the same stupid decisions he did, which he’ll find out in about a week.

Maybe not even that long. Here comes Raven an hour later. Her video of what happened shows Jason exactly who is to blame, possibly, he still doesn’t really believe it was Paul’s fault. Speaking of blame, Raven doesn’t place any on Paul. Despite her and Matt being evicted back to back, she knew that Paul had an alliance with everybody, but she considers them his one true alliance. This just keeps getting more ridiculous. Elena can’t help but laugh.

It takes Alex being evicted for Jason to finally admit that he was wrong. Raven, she’s probably still going to be living in denial even after she goes home and watches the show in which she did nothing.

The question in the jury house is: do they vote for the one person that is actually playing the game, or do they vote against the guy who is playing such a shady game with the most over the top case of wanting to appear as if he’s not getting blood on his hands (which is not working… people know what he’s doing, except Raven, but only after it’s too late)?

The veto competition will have them spinning wheels to set the day number when an event happened. Christmas finishes last on the first question, the first of three allowed last place finishes. The other person who sucks at this challenge, Kevin, loses next. Then again. And again. Kevin has been eliminated. With Kevin out, now Christmas can start finishing last, twice in a row. Josh has finished first almost every time so far. Josh finishes last in the next round. Then the next round and the one after that. Paul wins the power of veto.

There’s no need for Paul to use the power because whatever happens is somebody else’s fault. Christmas has been a bad ally for Josh lately, but I can’t imagine what she would gain by turning on him, even if Kevin hasn’t done much and can’t win anything.

Veto Ceremony
Veto is not used.

Christmas: Kevin

By a vote of 1-0, Kevin has been evicted from the Big Brother house. Paul pretends that Christmas went rogue, and in case you missed the pattern, Kevin buys it.

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