Survivor: Thailand Winner

Ted was the first one to find himself out of the Chuay Gahn tribe in Survivor: Thailand Episode 13, which brings us down to the final four: Brian Heidik, Clay Jordan, Helen Glover, and Jan Gentry.

They are given floats to be decorated in memory of their 12 eliminated tribemates. While doing this, Brian continues his mantra. It’s just a business trip.

The immunity challenge is called second chance, and it’s a chance to revisit aspects of previous challenges. They will dig up a wicker ball, carry it over the balancing beam, and head through the fishnet tubing. Then, they will work on a slide puzzle to release materials to build a pole and retrieve a key to get out of the jail cell. Lastly, they will sprint to the food table for a surprise treat. Clay is the first to grab the ball and retains the lead across the balance beam and past the tubing. Brian manages get across those obstacles pretty quickly and catches up to Clay on the puzzle. The other two are completely hopeless on the balance beam. Brian is the first to finish his puzzle. Helen and Jan finally get across the balance beam, but they’re out of it. Brian’s done escaping from jail before anybody else is even done with the puzzle. Then he lifts the lid. He’s going to have to eat a tarantula to win. Considering how big a lead he has, there is no drama, although they would like there to be. Brian wins immunity.

Brian thinks it’s time for Helen to go. The writing was on the ground. Helen and Ted plotting with each other first burned Ted, and now it’s time for her to get bit. Clay’s quickly onboard with that, but Jan is not sure what she wants to do. It’s either her or Helen. If she doesn’t go along with this plan, they can simply opt to vote her out instead. Unless she decides to force a tie with her and Helen and hope the tiebreaker goes down in her favor.


By a unanimous vote, Helen has been voted off the island. She blames Brian the most for her elimination, but she’s pretty much bitter at all of them, despite the fact that she started it.

Upon returning to camp, they’re immediately given one last krathong float to decorate. The next morning, Jeff arrives with a map and sends them paddling off into the river to set their floats adrift. Their ultimate destination is the final challenge site.

The cave they arrive at is about 105 degrees. The challenge is simple. Don’t let the money slip through your fingers. They put three coins inbetween their fingers in each hand and will stand in a traditional Thai stance for as long as they can keep holding at least one of the coins. Stranger things have happened, but the theory is that this is a battle between the boys, with Jan a non-issue. Around 12 minutes, Jeff tells them to stay in their game mentally. The image they put forth either gives the others power or takes it away. With that said, Jan quits. Clay, meanwhile, is visibly shaking and quits shortly thereafter. It’s obvious what he was waiting for. Brian wins immunity.

Brian’s got a choice. Take with him the grandma who everybody seems to like but who hasn’t done very much, or take the guy who nobody likes nor would vote for. In either case, it really shouldn’t matter because Brian has played a masterful game.


Jan has been voted off the island, leaving Brian and Clay as the final two, a stark contrast as compared with Marquesas, which had two equally useless contestants left standing. Regardless of how Clay may or may not have played the game, however, he has no friends on that jury, so he’s gonna have to fight to get votes. Although Brian played the role of everybody’s friend, he’s not so sure that the relationships he built were necessarily real. It’s just business.

Clay’s opening statement is that he’s lucky, but he promises that they would do what he did to get where he is. Brian says that his focus was to make sure that everybody felt comfortable and wants them to vote from their hearts and feel good about their decision.

Erin wants to know why they think the other person does not deserve the money. Brian says that Clay did not put forth the effort that he could have. Clay responds that Brian thought he was the leader at camp, although I’m not entirely sure what this response is supposed to mean.

Ken says that he wouldn’t do what Clay did. That’s why he couldn’t have gotten any further than he did and had no business playing this game. Then he asks Brian why he said that Ted had to go, which Brian denies saying. Although this conversation that Ken believes they had clearly sticks out in Ken’s mind, Brian is unsure what the heck Ken is babbling about, so he just responds that Ted is unable to gel with the group. This also is not an answer that Ken is happy with, and God will smite Brian for not knowing the answer to this question.

Penny asks Brian where she grew up, and who are her siblings. Brian does not know the answers. Clay, however, does know some things about her. What the heck this has to do with the vote I don’t know, but if she’s really going to vote along lines as pathetic as this, Clay just secured himself something.

Jake takes the opportunity to revisit the conversation about performance that Clay blasted him about. Clay’s answer is that he really was upset that Jake was trying to make an alliance with everybody. Brian, however, strokes Jake’s ego and says he was performing well.

Ted calls Brian a great car salesman. As for Clay, he just rode coattails and is just an ignorant southern redneck hillbilly. Bitter much? Ted’s question to Clay: how does he define a racist person? Oh, is this really necessary? Putz. (We later found out that Helen indicated to Ted that Clay had said something, which generated this line of inappropriate and completely irrelevant questioning.) The follow up question: why should he get his vote? Clay responds that he was fair with him. Brian disagrees.

Jan wants an explanation of Clay’s work on the island. Clay says that he did his fair share for the food, but Brian didn’t want any help with the water. Brian responds that he did water, food, and fire.

Bitter, part two. Helen claims she just wanted to be told that she was going home. She’s just mad she got beat. While she expected this from Clay, who she tried to get voted out more than once, she was surprised that Brian turned on her. Brian’s response is that she was plotting with Ted, which she was, but she’s not going to accept that answer. He answers her question again and again and again and again. It’s pretty obvious she does not want to hear anything. So Probst interrupts because they don’t have an hour and a half to sit and listen to this whining. Regardless, Brian does not feel that she should not vote for him over one him lying to her once. From Clay, she would like three ways he contributed to aiding people survive on that island. He did a little bit every day. That’s his only response. He’s not even going to try to satisfy the questions of a raving lunatic who cannot be satisfied.

In his vote, Ted denies that he was plotting against Brian. In truth, he was plotting against him, just not for the very next vote.

Clay (Penny)
Brian (Ted)
Brian (Helen)
Clay (Ken)
Clay (Erin)
Brian (Jan)
Brian (Jake)

The Survivor: Thailand winner is Brian Heidik. The sore losers from Sook Jai tried unsucessfully to derail him, but Brian was one of the more skilled players to win the game. Had he been up against anybody other than Clay, Brian may well have been in danger. It’s entirely possible these people would have voted for Jan over him out of spite.

Helen and Jan wish they would have forced a tie, a move that’s not any smarter but sounds better in hindsight.

Survivor: Thailand Episode 13

Completing the decimation of Sook Jai as Shii Ann warned, the remaining members of Chuay Gahn voted out Jake in Survivor: Thailand Episode 12.

Chuay Gahn, which started off as a joke tribe, has made the final five and not been to tribal council since eliminating the friction (Ghandia) on day 12.

In their treemail, they get a mirror to see how much they can be shocked. The men take over the mirror, leaving the women barely able to see themselves, although they’re not overly interested in looking anyway.

Ted is worried that his alliance with Brian is fading. His only problem is he really doesn’t have a great deal of other options. He goes to Helen and starts drawing in the sand that he wants to eliminate Clay, which is something she wants to do as well. From there, they’ll see about sticking with Brian or not.

When they get to the reward challenge, Jeff drives up in a new truck, a Chevy TrailBlazer, yet another sponsored vehicle that has since been discontinued. In addition to the new SUV, the winner will get a day at the spa and a meal. The challenge is to collect English letters on an obstacle course. Jeff tells them they’re standing on the first letter. Then he tells them again. Then he tells them again. A couple of them take the hint before Probst takes off into the jungle to tell the stragglers. Helen’s at the flag first, though everybody (except Jan) is on her heels. Things are pretty even at the cargo net as Clay takes the lead. Clay has the lead still at the rope pull and gets lucky on his first try. At this stage, the challenge comes down to Clay and Brian, who would be in the lead if it didn’t take him so long to figure out that he had to turn around and get that first letter. Helen and Ted catch up to them and are also on the puzzle. Brian thinks he has it. He spells road trip. Not correctly. Hearing the word needed (thanks, Jeff), Ted flips his letters around to spell it right and win reward. Because he owes Helen from an immunity challenge, Ted will be bringing her with him. Perhaps not the most logical political choice.

On the way to the spa, they talk about what they had been writing in the sand. Get rid of Clay. When they arrive, they get plenty of food, and they also indulge in wine, although neither of them drink alcohol usually. Ted should probably stick to not drinking because he’s becoming loud and obnoxious.

When he gets back to camp, Brian is not a happy camper. Ted didn’t even acknowledge the fact that he only won because Brian yelled out the answer. Meanwhile, Jan and Clay begin talking about the whispering and writing in the dirt.

After the reward, they return with some food and wine, but this sharing will probably not earn enough points to make up for the talking that went on while they were gone.

As promised, Helen approaches Jan to see if she is onboard to get rid of Clay. Jan is not willing to commit to anything but will think about it. For her part, Helen says in her confessional that she hasn’t even figured out herself which side she’s really on.

The immunity challenge is to search for missing puzzle pieces to build steps to climb to the top of the staircase. They can grab one piece at a time and either build as they go or build after gathering everything. Clay and Jan are building as they go, and Clay has the lead with two steps first. Brian gathers all his pieces first and then will begin construction. With this, Brian manages to take the lead. Clay and Jan have also finished gathering but remain behind Brian, with Clay only trailing by about one step. Brian takes a leisurely walk up the stairs to win immunity.

Ted’s worried that he’s the next one to go, but Brian is unable to give him a straight answer. What comes from their discussion is the decision to target Jan, the least likely person to win any challenge.

The way Brian sees it, he’s got three cards he can use: disposable grandma Jan, his trustworthy soldier Helen, and his good friend uncle Clay. Ted’s name does not come up here, which should be enough to seal his fate. What he further realizes is that neither Clay nor Helen like each other, and he plans to use them against each other when he needs to do so.


Keeping the car curse alive, Ted has been voted off the island by a unanimous vote.

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Survivor: Thailand Episode 12

Chuay Gahn kept going down the line, voting out Penny in Survivor: Thailand Episode 10.

At tribal council, Jake said he thinks he would put his work up against anybody else at camp. Clay is offended. Helen says there’s a reason for that: Clay isn’t doing much.

Treemail tells them someone will be eating. Since they’re talking about missing family, we also know their loved ones are there. As the family members walk out, they all walk toward a table, which indicates that they are the ones who will be participating in the challenge. For the winner, they will get one full day. For the losers, nothing. At all. Not even a handshake. So why are the families at a table? The question posed is whether they are willing to eat bugs and insects to be with the contestants. The first course is ants, red and flying ants. Everybody manages to get them down to move on to the next round, in which they will eat water roaches, full of juicy goodness. Brian’s wife declines to even try. The next course is alive and moving grubs. Only two people will move on. Helen’s husband and Jake’s wife advance to the finals. Boiled tarantulas. Helen’s annoying begging convinces her husband to finish, and Jake’s wife also manages to finish. That brings them to a tiebreaker. First one to finish a boiled scorpion wins. Helen’s husband wins reward.

He’d like to find the nearest hotel and is wondering how many nights the losers have to spend out there. The others give them the honeymoon suite and try to listen, but Helen says they’re just talking. He’s surprised how well she’s adapted to this, seeing as how she considers a two star hotel to be roughing it. Eventually, the talk turns to gameplay. She trusts Brian (who doesn’t?), but she doesn’t trust Clay (who does?). Her husband suggests getting rid of the biggest threat (Brian), but she does not feel comfortable doing that, even if it costs her a million dollars.

The immunity challenge is to build a cube with all sides showing the same color. Before they get to that, Jeff would like to talk about the families. None of them wanted to leave. Funny thing is they didn’t. They get a chance to embrace, and not only that, they will be partners in the immunity challenge and tied at the wrist. It’s entirely unclear what’s actually going on until there’s a yell out of Ted and his brother as they win immunity.

Helen’s putting her plan into motion, so she goes to Brian. She doesn’t trust Clay and does not want him in this game.


By a unanimous vote, Jake has been voted off the island.

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Survivor: Thailand Episode 10

Sook Jai continued to be sacrificed, and it was Ken’s turn to go in Survivor: Thailand Episode 9.

Ted is surprised that he got three votes, and he immediately knows where they came from. He’s trying to figure out why, so he confronts Jake, who tells him the truth, although he leaves names out of it. Ted doesn’t believe any of this anyway and dismisses it outright.

They haven’t been able to eat crabs lately because the tide has come in and the water’s too high. The chickens are all gone. With that said, they’re resorting to eating chicken feed. So obviously, considering they’re whining about food, the reward challenge is a big food reward. The challenge is a four stage obstacle course. Their reward will be going via boat and helicopter to the mainland for an elephant trek, which will take them to a Thai lunch. They have to choose partners. Jake is left out, so he is eliminated at the starting line. The pairs must then make their way across platforms using planks. Clay and Brian are the first across followed by Penny and Ted. Jan and Helen are out. They must get under the belly crawl as individuals. The first three advance: Clay, Ted, and Brian. The next leg is to get over the wall, which requires the aid of another tribe member. Somebody’s gonna be left out. Brian and Ted help Clay. He tries to help both of them but can’t, so he eventually goes with Brian. The final leg is a bamboo balance beam. Clay falls as Brian is half way there. Brian wins reward. There’s room for somebody else. He invites Clay for his assistance in the challenge.

Ted’s kind of shocked that Brian picked Clay, which he takes as a warning that their bond is closer than he originally thought.

Since his plan to convince Ted didn’t work, Jake is now trying to work on Helen. The last thing Clay and Brian said before they left was to keep an eye on Jake the snake, so she’s been expecting this. He says that Clay and Brian would win the game if things keep going the way they are. He also warns her that they’ve got a pecking order. Everything he’s saying is true, but it’s just a matter of getting someone to bite.

After their feast, Brian and Clay will be returning to camp with canteens filled with beer and soup.

Penny doesn’t want to be around Jake any more because she’s aware that his time on this island will be short. She goes to Clay, who tells her she will be in the final four with him, something he’s told everybody else on the island.

For the immunity challenge, their knowledge about Thailand will be tested. In addition, it is also a pecking order challenge. For each correct answer, they will be able to extinguish one of each person’s three torches.

Thailand was formerly known by which name?
Siam. Everybody but Clay is correct. Penny takes out Jake. Brian hits Helen. Jake hits Brian. Helen hits Clay. Ted goes for Penny. Jan also goes for Penny.

At some point in every Thai male’s life, they are expected to…
Become a monk. Jake and Jan are correct. Jan eliminates Penny. Jake goes for Clay.

Sanook is an integral part of Thai life. What does it mean?
Having fun. Jake is right. He eliminates Clay.

Which of the following innovations originated in Thailand?
None of the above. Everybody but Brian is right. Jan hits Jake. Jake hits Jan in response. Helen hits Ted. Ted eliminates Jake.

Thais will often greet each other with the phrase “Have you eaten rice today?”
True. Helen is correct. She goes after Brian.

In Thai, Bangkok means City of Angels.
True. Jan and Helen are correct. Helen eliminates Brian. Jan targets Ted.

The capital of Thailand is…
Bangkok. Jan and Helen are correct. Jan hits Helen. Helen responds in kind, sparing Ted.

According to Thai etiquette, what should be used for eating?
All of the above: chopsticks, fingers, and fork and spoon. Helen is correct. She has a choice who to eliminate. She decides to eliminate Jan.

Which country does not share a border with Thailand?
Vietnam. Helen is correct and wins immunity.

The thing that bothered Jake about that challenge is that Penny snuffed him.

Ted is threatened by Penny because she might be able to charm Brian and Clay. Brian and Clay want to eliminate the snake. They’d better make a decision fast because they’re given very little time to do much following the immunity challenge that occurs at night.


With 4 votes, Penny has been voted off the island. Certainly not the most threatening person on the island. Jake voted for Jan for some reason, while Clay and Brian voted for Jake.

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Survivor: Thailand Episode 9

Sook Jai continued their losing streak and voted Erin out in Survivor: Thailand Episode 8.

Chuay Gahn is split. Will Sook Jai vote off Erin or Ken? Either way, they’re not overly concerned because they realize now that they have an advantage of 5-3, which are pretty insurmountable odds.

Jake’s trying to get on the other tribe’s good side by telling tales of his adventures and attempting to prove that he is an adventurer, even if he is an old adventurer. Chuay Gahn isn’t interested in whatever he’s selling.

When they arrive at the challenge, they get videos from home. The reward for the challenge will be the whole video plus a cool beverage. Before they get to that, Jeff pulls out the buffs, finally forming a merged tribe. The first part of the challenge is an obstacle course to be run in pairs chosen at random. The winning pair will then compete against each other in a final mental challenge. Jake and Jan compete against Clay and Ken in the first heat. This is not even remotely fair. Clay and Ken advance to the second heat. Ted and Penny go against Brian and Helen in the next round. Like the last time, it’s not even close, as Brian and Helen advance. Brian and Helen end up winning and will copmete against each other to replicate a pyramid of wicker balls. Brian wins reward.

He gets the full video and passes around the lemonade. His wife gets a little crazy, but at least she keeps her clothes on. He really didn’t want anyone to see more about him than they have to, but since Probst invited everybody to watch his video, they’re seeing his house. Included in that is not only a glimpse at his family but also the fact that he’s got brand new cars and a baby grand piano. Helen’s theory is that he doesn’t need the money.

Ken hopes that individual immunity challenges will help him. Either that, or he’ll be seen as a threat and be voted out the first time he doesn’t win.

Ted’s getting bothered by little things that people are doing that he considers annoying, so he goes off on his own for a long time in the canoe. He’s not doing himself any favors by isolating himself from the group.

Jake is trying to find somebody to get on his side from the other side. It would be stupid for anybody to flip now. Even if he gets one person, that would be a 4-4 tie. It’s a little late to be thinking like this. Shii Ann had it right when she was doing this two episodes ago. He’s gathered that they’re tired of Ted.

The immunity challenge is a test of memorizing Thai numbers. Miss one, and you’re out. They have 30 seconds to memorize the numbers 1-9. Jake, Helen, Jan, Ted, and Brian are out after one round. Penny is eliminated on the next round. That leaves Clay and Ken in the final round, which is to find discs through a grid and go from one buried disc to the next. The person who uncovers all 10 buried discs wins. Clay’s off to an early lead as Ken stands there mostly confused. Clay has a 4-1 lead. Then he extends that 7-2. Ken would be better off just digging randomly. Clay wins 10-3 to take immunity.

Ken realizes his neck’s on the chopping block and that they would be stupid to get rid of Ted. Jake comes up with an alternate plan. Get rid of Brian. He wants Clay and one of the women to vote with them. Why would people in the majority join a new alliance where they’re now down 3-2? Since this isn’t going to work, Ken decides to just vote for Ted and hope.


By a vote of 5-3, Mr. NYC has been voted off the island.

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Survivor: Thailand Episode 8

Shii Ann got bit by the fake merger in Survivor: Thailand Episode 7 and ended up getting voted off when they found out that the two tribes were together… but not merged.

Brian thinks that the elimination of Shii Ann would be an emotional one, which would be a mistake. Her tribe says she warned them that, if she was voted out, they would be picked off one by one. So they voted her out.

Penny is attempting to blend into Sook Jai with niceness that feels fake.

Ken doesn’t like Sook Jai because he claims they urinate in the cave. Jake is being driven nuts by Helen and her constant recipes, but he’s doing a decent job of bonding with Brian.

Ken’s trying to think of a possible plan to get out of the mess he’s in. Final four of himself, Jake, Clay, and Brian.

When they arrive at the immunity challenge, they’re not given new buffs. Not a merge yet. The challenge is breath holding underwater through bamboo snorkels. To determine the winner of this tribe challenge, the total cumulative time for all the members of the tribe will be calculated. For the first time, Chuay Gahn has more members, so Helen will be sitting out. Penny is first up at 9 seconds. Ken is up at 15 seconds. Not looking good for Sook Jai. Clay is up at 20 seconds, Ted at 21, and Jan at 23. A reversal of fortune perhaps. Then Erin pops up at 25 seconds. Sook Jai can only win if Jake stays under there for 16 seconds longer than Brian. Jake is up. Chuay Gahn wins immunity.

They get back from the challenge to find the monkey’s been in their food. Chicken feed and bananas are gone.

Jake’s ready to off the last chicken, but they’re all on different pages about it. Jake wants a big ceremony. Jan’s crying and adds the head and feet to her pet cemetery. Ted would let it go free if it were up to him. Clay doesn’t get what the big deal is and just wants to eat.

Jake asks the remaining Sook Jai members whether they want to reveal now or wait until tribal council. This is their first hard one. After some chatting, they decide to save it for tribal council.


By a unanimous vote, Erin has been voted off the island. For a tribe that found this so difficult and didn’t want to talk about it, they sure had their ducks lined up.

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Survivor: Thailand Episode 7

The last of his group of outcasts, Robb was voted off the island in Survivor: Thailand Episode 6.

Erin’s keeping her eye on Ken and Shii Ann. Ken, meanwhile, is keeping his eye on Penny. Sook Jai continues to get more fractured as we approach the merge.

The tribes get treemail with paint. They pick a color and start painting themselves. Jeff welcomes them and offers them a chance to get to know somebody from the other tribe. They will be paired up with their same color counterpart. The pairs are: Shii Ann and Clay, Penny and Brian, Erin and Ted, Helen and Ken, and Jan and Jake. They’re all given baskets. Two of the baskets contain further instructions. Shii Ann will be visiting Chuay Gahn with Clay, while Helen goes to visit Sook Jai with Ken.

Helen and Ken keep their lips tight, but Shii Ann spills the beans. She tells Clay that their tribe hates each other.

When they get back, Jeff tells them that the two tribes will live together on the same beach. They opt for Chuay Gahn, which Shii Ann raves about. That means a much better shelter but a lengthy trek to the water source.

They are greeted by the traditional merge feast. What they seem to be lacking is a new name and new buffs. The tribes have come up with a new name, though: Chuay Jai.

Shii Ann’s smiling for the first time in a while. She’s cool with Jake and Ken, but she has no use for Penny or Erin (or the three who have been voted out for that matter).

Shii Ann has questions coming at her from both sides. Is she going to join with Sook Jai and vote out Penny with them, or is she going to stick with Ken? She has told Chuay Gahn that she’s onboard with them, but she does not reveal her plans to the other side. Ken warns her not to sink everybody else and herself just because she’s upset with Penny.

The tribes go to the immunity challenge unaware Probst has just played a prank on them. What do you mean merge? Who said anything about a merge? Two tribes living on one beach. That’s not one merged tribe. Shii Ann knows she’s sunk, one way or another.

For this tribe immunity challenge, they will try to escape from prison. Using materials found within the jail cell, they will retrieve keys to unlock all their tribe members. Then they will dig their way out of the jail. Brian gets the first key for Chuay Gahn. Ted gets their second. Shii Ann grabs Sook Jai’s first and second keys. Ken gets a third key. Brian gets a third key. Then they both get their fourth keys. As time speeds up, we see Chuay Gahn leading 13-12. Then 14-12. Then Sook Jai gets 2 to tie it 14-14. It’s a race for the last key. Chuay Gahn has their last key and starts digging. They all escape, and Chuay Gahn wins immunity.

The move here is obvious. Get rid of the traitor. Regardless of what they decide, though, unlike a traditional 5-5 merge, Sook Jai will be down 5-4. One person may split apart and survive if they have it in them, but they are easy pickings.

At tribal council, Erin says she thought they were going to get new buffs when they went to the immunity challenge. That there should have been a hint. No new buffs means no new tribe.

Shii Ann’s final plea is to Ken and Jake. They can trust her, even if Penny can’t be trusted. Unlike them, she may also be able to crack into the other tribe, which is their only hope of surviving.

Shii Ann
Shii Ann
Shii Ann

By a unanimous vote, Shii Ann has been voted off the island. Regardless of being bit by this twist, Shii Ann’s still better at this game than those who remain.

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Survivor: Thailand Episode 6

Prior to the challenge in Survivor: Thailand Episode 5, Jeff asked whether anybody wanted to switch tribes. Everybody declined, but the two people who regretted it, Stephanie and Shii Ann, were the two people who received votes. In the end, Stephanie was voted off the island.

Robb tells Penny that Ken said she was considering voting him out last night. Penny denies this, so Robb confronts Ken. Ken can’t figure this out. Everybody else told him they were voting for Shii Ann, but they voted for Steph. Ken was the only one who told him the truth. During this conversation, Ken tells him some more truth. The first vote was indeed between Robb and Jed because everybody hated Robb. That was a week and a half ago, and now he’s questioning it.

Boatless Chuay Gahn is still swimming toward their water source, about 3 miles. The men have it in their head that they’re going to swim to the island across the way. They think maybe it’s about a mile away, but the women are worried that it’s a lot further than that. It is. Of the three, Brian’s the only one who’s a good swimmer. The other two are just floating along for the ride. When they finally arrive, there’s no boat in sight.

Everybody on Sook Jai agreed to not eat the bananas and instead let them to get ripe to avoid eating them all. Robb apparently does not agree with that. As if he’s not a big enough outcast, Robb grabs a banana. If he’s hungry, he will eat a banana. He doesn’t intend to listen to anybody. Food on Survivor is huge. People have been voted out over much less than one banana.

The reward challenge is to launch balls and catch them in wicker baskets. Reward is a Thai feast with local entertainment. Shii Ann sits out for Sook Jai. Robb scores the first point. Ted scores but Robb scores again to take the lead 2-1. Robb scores again to take the lead 3-1. No score on the fourth balls. Robb scores again to take the lead 4-1. Chuay Gahn take a timeout and switch to match Ted up against Robb instead of Brian. Clay scores and it’s 4-2. No score on the next round. Brian scores to make it 4-3. Ted scores to tie it 4-4. No score the next time, and the previously happy Ken is upset with Robb. Rather than arguing, they need to come up with a new plan because going to Robb every time obviously stopped working a few points ago. No score again. Ken scores a point to win reward for Sook Jai.

Helen thinks the guys were tired during the challenge because they swam over to the other island looking for the boat.

Following the feast, Robb and Ken go on a walk, where Robb says he’s learning not to take the place so much for granted, and whatever beef they had has been squashed.

Jan has found an unborn baby bat on the ground. Let’s have a funeral for Oscar. Brian wants to know whether she’s losing it.

The immunity challenge is called Thai 21. There are 21 flags in the circle, and they must get the 21st flag to win. They are able to grab 1, 2, or 3 flags at a time. Robb sits out for Sook Jai. Sook Jai takes 2 flags. Chuay Gahn also takes 2. Sook Jai takes 2. Chuay Gahn takes 1 to bring them down to 14. Sook Jai takes 1, then Chuay Gahn also takes 1, and Sook Jai takes 1. Chuay Gahn takes 2 to bring it down to 9 flags. Sook Jai is looking to Shii Ann to make their decision. They take 3 to bring it down to 6. All Chuay Gahn has to do now is take 2 flags to win, which they do. Sook Jai takes 3 to leave 1 final flag. Chuay Gahn wins immunity.

Whatever bonding he may have done with Ken earlier, the result here is obvious. Robb is going home. Nonetheless, he’s said he had a breakthrough and learned some things he will take with him for the rest of his life.

Still, Shii Ann realizes that half of her tribe still doesn’t like her or trust her, and she feels the same way toward them.

When voting for Robb, Shii Ann has an old proverb. A wise man knows much but says little; a fool knows little but says far too much.

Shii Ann

By a unanimous vote, Robb has been voted off the island. It sounds to Jeff like the person who inspired their spiritual growth has just been voted out.

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7 Assumptions.