Survivor: Thailand Episode 12

Chuay Gahn kept going down the line, voting out Penny in Survivor: Thailand Episode 10.

At tribal council, Jake said he thinks he would put his work up against anybody else at camp. Clay is offended. Helen says there’s a reason for that: Clay isn’t doing much.

Treemail tells them someone will be eating. Since they’re talking about missing family, we also know their loved ones are there. As the family members walk out, they all walk toward a table, which indicates that they are the ones who will be participating in the challenge. For the winner, they will get one full day. For the losers, nothing. At all. Not even a handshake. So why are the families at a table? The question posed is whether they are willing to eat bugs and insects to be with the contestants. The first course is ants, red and flying ants. Everybody manages to get them down to move on to the next round, in which they will eat water roaches, full of juicy goodness. Brian’s wife declines to even try. The next course is alive and moving grubs. Only two people will move on. Helen’s husband and Jake’s wife advance to the finals. Boiled tarantulas. Helen’s annoying begging convinces her husband to finish, and Jake’s wife also manages to finish. That brings them to a tiebreaker. First one to finish a boiled scorpion wins. Helen’s husband wins reward.

He’d like to find the nearest hotel and is wondering how many nights the losers have to spend out there. The others give them the honeymoon suite and try to listen, but Helen says they’re just talking. He’s surprised how well she’s adapted to this, seeing as how she considers a two star hotel to be roughing it. Eventually, the talk turns to gameplay. She trusts Brian (who doesn’t?), but she doesn’t trust Clay (who does?). Her husband suggests getting rid of the biggest threat (Brian), but she does not feel comfortable doing that, even if it costs her a million dollars.

The immunity challenge is to build a cube with all sides showing the same color. Before they get to that, Jeff would like to talk about the families. None of them wanted to leave. Funny thing is they didn’t. They get a chance to embrace, and not only that, they will be partners in the immunity challenge and tied at the wrist. It’s entirely unclear what’s actually going on until there’s a yell out of Ted and his brother as they win immunity.

Helen’s putting her plan into motion, so she goes to Brian. She doesn’t trust Clay and does not want him in this game.


By a unanimous vote, Jake has been voted off the island.

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